Br'cks - Advanced Procedural Bricks [Free Download]

I so need to dive into how you did this. I’m working on a Hexagon precedural shader… and loosing my mind :slight_smile:

Hey Thommes this is a great way for parallel tiled bricks. Is there a way to adjust ur basic brick shader to get a herringbone style. Now it is limited to a certain angle and brick width.

Great work on the nodes man!

I can’t believe you think you kept the node setup to plugin to the brick shader “simple”. My brain hurts after watching that.

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Hello, Simon!
Thank you for sharing your great shader setups. They are amasing!
Can you help me with my setup, based on your bricks
This is my ref and result

I don’t understand, where is im’ wrong, i try any compositions but no luck(
Is this really possible? or not?)
This is my file
panel-cliff1.blend (3.6 MB)
Friends, thank you all if you can help me)

i like the ‘free’ concept when the blend cannot be downloaded for free :rofl:

too bad :frowning: i’ll have to find by myself how to make bricks…

Happy blending !

It is free. In the gumroad link, you can type 0 in the box.

Hi @Akikun

sorry but no :stuck_out_tongue:

Be sure i wish i could give a penny to this but… my budget is quite tight :wink:
I’d say 0$ and i got to do things like this: Carcassonne Medieval city

well it’s just my own problem :wink:
Maybe i’m dumb ( hehe i sometimes think about it ^^ ) but when i choose 0$ and click on ‘i want this’, nothing happens. If i set 0,1$ and click again i’m asked for my credcard.

Maybe i must have a gumroad account for getting free downloads ?

Anyway am on the road for something different in a matter of pattern.

This proc shader is really awesome but far too repetitive ( each bricks use to be the same size ). I need more random joints all over my walls… But as it’s out of topic i’ll make a separate topic on this :wink:

Happy blending !

You don’t need an account to get free downloads. I tried on my side and it works.

When you type 0 and click on ‘I want this’, you’re supposed to get a prompt asking you an email address. After entering your email address, you get a confirmation that the ‘purchase’ is succesfull and a message is sent to your email address with a download link. Make sure your browser doesn’t block prompts.

I can attach the blend file here but I’m not sure if BA’s guidelines allow it. Maybe @bartv can shed some light.


You can, but we have a MB upload limit.

@bartv , thanks for the clarification. The file is small enough to be stored on a floppy disk, so I guess it’s fine.

@pitibonom here is the file (or files, they are two of them).
Br’cks_-Procedural_Bricks_Shaders[Blender].zip|attachment (1.2 MB)

Ow then it’s my bad ??? :hot_face:

Why the hell don’t i have this popup ?
Then my apologies for this ! I disabled all ad-block and it still don’t work with my opera :confused:

I’ll have to try with another browser.

Anyway, thanks a lot @Akikun for the files ! i get them right away :wink:

Have a great evening and happy blending !

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In my experience BlenderArtists (and Gumroad) works best with Google Chrome.

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Incredible works!

Thank you for sharing.

Are you using O or 0?

I’m basically using the Bricks 2 material from that pack and am ending up with some double-width bricks:

Any idea what could be causing those?

Also, as a feature request, how about an option to make every nth row be half-width (and a bit offset) so I can do a proper “common bond”, which is a row of headers for every few rows of stretchers (typical in the old building walls here in Brooklyn)?

Here’s the blend of just that wall:

You might want to ask the author of the pack (which is not me) directly. He’s in the best position to help you and make your request come true.

I took a look at the node setup and I managed to solve the problem and add the feature request.
Everything happens in the Br’cks_v1.002 node group. The problem was caused by a single math node, I put it in a frame called “Annoying node” and muted it. What it did was randomly splitting bricks. In real life, a proper wall has bricks of the same size unless you only have broken bricks which is not ideal.
The feature request is achieved by a group of nodes put in a frame called “Brooklyn effect”. This group of nodes is controlled by a parameter called “Headers every n rows”. Any value lower than 1 will disable the effect, otherwise the effect will be shown with the number you specified.

Here is an example with different values and the blend file:

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I just asked in the thread as a whole - not sure how else to reach the author other than this thread. Thank you for the help, though - that’s definitely hugely helpful. :slight_smile:

The split thing I thought was supposed to create broken bricks as some percentage of the whole? The split should occur in the middle of the brick, but it sounds like it was replacing the mortar space instead. :frowning: I guess that’s not working right somehow, but it at least gives me an idea of where to poke around.


The problem with the split math node is that it split most of the bricks. The only normal bricks were the ones you described as double-width. Also, the “split” in a broken brick isn’t straight vertical, as it is the case with this node setup. If I can make some time, I’ll try to implement a proper broken brick effect.

Implemented the broken bricks effect. It is controlled by the “Broken bricks factor” parameter, it goes from 0 (no bricks are broken) to 1 (all the bricks are broken). Below is an example and the blend file.