BSpheres Addon

Oooooh. In Edit mode.

/me facepalms.

Hi artists!
There is a bug with Undo/Redo in Blender. I hope it will be fixed in 2.93.

Just be careful with Undo/Redo. Blender can crash. Apologies for such a problem.

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Yeah i was having this issue as well so i just use ctrl + r to add verts.

When combined with QuadRemesher, quite nice basemeshes can be had here :smiley:

Kinda wish the addon merged vertices near the symmetry plane, the overlap is kinda aesthetically displeasing, even though it doesn’t really matter.


Nice! )
You can add a Mirror modifier. It will merge. )

I could try to add it to my tool but it will become a bit slower for 1000-3000 verts.

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I’ll add the merge symmetry to my todo list.

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It doesn’t. Example:
merge.blend (144.4 KB)

The merge threshold is set to half a meter to better illustrate.

Oh, I get you. Just use this for a while:


playing around with the addon and I have some feedback:

I’m not sure what delete does? I click it and nothing seems to be deleted? I’ve tried it in 2.92 and 2.93 to see if anything happens but maybe I’m just using it wrong?

A preference to automatically set w.e. mesh you run Bspheres on to show in front and display as wire. I find the setting useful.

It would be really nice to see this in real time. I think until then it will always feel a bit off otherwise.

It’s a useful addon and I do enjoy using it. I’ll be trying it out for a character sculpt I’m working on and give a bit more feedback on it again after. So far so good though.


Hi, thank you for your feedback.

Del deletes all BSpheres data which is in mesh. Generally, it deletes additional vertex attribute and some mesh attributes. And then it will not be possible to Run the BSpheres with this mesh.

What is w.e? Sorry, misunderstood.

I’ve been working on performance improvements. Vertices will be in real time now using Geometry Nodes but Edges will have a delay. Release will be tomorrow.

hah sorry I was lazy and wrote w.e. It just means whatever. Sometimes it’s written as w/e.

Ah, okay, delete makes more sense. I thought that may be the case but it doesn’t give any response when you click it. Maybe there should be a message that says: “Bsphere’s data removed” - I think my expectations for delete was to also remove the bsphere meshes. Maybe there could be a “clear selected Bspheres” and “clear scene” - which is useful if you decide to delete a object Bspheres is attached to.

I was actually going to ask about Geometry nodes! Will the nodes eventually be able to support edges? It would be great to keep everything as a modifier and not have the outliner have a bunch of collections (say if you have multiple objects using Bspheres).


Unfortunately, Edges will have no support for Geometry Nodes yet. But when I find a way I’ll do it.

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Thanks! And no worries about the edges, I’m sure there will be a method in the future and just having vertexes work is still a good improvement.

Hi artists,
Hard work was done and I have released BSpheres v0.2. But it’s only for 2.93+ unfortunately.

  • Sphere Objects are generated with Geometry Nodes 2.93+
  • Symmetry Precision
  • Undo/Redo for Spheres Scale (Shift+S hotkey)
  • ToMesh Operator supports subdivision modifier now.
  • Speed Improvements

Just upgrade to 2.0 seems undo crashes blender.

This problem is still not fixed. Undo/Redo will crash Blender during add/remove points.
But If you just scaled Spheres(Shift+S hotkey) then all will be ok for undo/redo.

Known bugs:
There is a bug in Blender (Undo/Redo).
I hope blender developers will fix it in 2.93.
Just be careful with Undo/Redo. Blender can crash. Apologies for such an issue.

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All good just gonna have to wait for it to be fixed nothing else to do

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Looks really nice. Can you explain what approach is used for the final meshing and what topology results we can expect?

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Any news ? :slight_smile: