BSpheres Addon

BSpheres Addon for Blender inspired by spheres tools by ZBrush and 3DCoat. Easy to use and a very powerful tool which brings artist’s ideas to life. A nice addition for doing concepts and searches of forms. Possibility to create shapes and then animate them. A very helpful tool to make base shapes of characters, creatures and anything you could imagine for sculpting, prototyping and animation.

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Video Presentation:

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Simple and powerful:

Just Create Bspheres, Run the engine and scale points with Shift+S hotkey:

Remesh BSpheres for sculpting:



Can you extrude in the sphere form before you remesh ?

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Yes you can.

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Sold im buying it great work

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Am i the first one ? ;D


Yes, thank you. ) I have just released it.


Np i was using skin before to replace the zbrush workflow but It just never worked the same using it right now!

Would it be possible to add right click to cancel the resize action ?

Yes. Right now it’s leftClick.
I could add it to the next release.


So using proportional edit tool desyncs everything and you need to reslect the verts to resync im guessing the operations are done based on selection ?

Yes, to update bspheres just select all.


Cool. I’ve been waiting for something like this. I’ll buy it hopefully soon.

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So after some time using this addon i have some suggestions.

  1. Right click to cancel scale and revert back to previous scale.

  2. Lock the Vert_BS from selection by default. (as for me i keep it locked so i can quickly select the inner verts and get back to editing.)

  3. See the mesh move in real time if possible i understand that this may not be possible due to limitations (It’s a little annoying needing to do micro click moves to position things how you want)

  4. be able to set the resolution of the tubes global not individual.

  5. Find an alternate way to update if real time is not possible when using a lot of proportional edit and not being able to fully see where things are going to move you are constantly juggling around moving verts around re-selecting to update then selecting back the parts you want to move. (Like maybe if proportional edit is on between move, scale, rotate operations automatically select all the verts then re-select previous selection)

  6. This one is just an idea and based on how a simple deform is being used to taper might not be possible but a proportional scale mode would be nice if possible.

That’s all for now i guess other then a bug where everything randomly de-syncs everything has been really good so far, good addon.


Hi Lamia,
Thank you for your feedback it looks really nice. A nice todo list. Some things I can do but some things I need to research if it’s possible to do.

About proportional editing I could suggest using x-ray view (Alt+Z) for now.


Hi, this looks like you’re using the Skin modifier under the hood, turning it into an armature, and remeshing that right?
If so, any chance you could provide the option to use the Skin modifier topology as a basemesh, subdivide it with the multires and add the remeshed shape to that at a higher level (say 5)?
Even better if you could then take the Sculpts Layers from your addon, and allow people to make small adjustments to the backup skin modifier model and send those back to the multires!

This is not using a skin modifier
How it seems to work is that it takes verts and edges and maps spheres to verts and cylinder to edges and when you scale a vert it scales the sphere and uses a taper modifier on the cylinder.


Yeah, as it was said above this is not armature/skin modifier

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Ah, I’m sorry, I totally skipped over that. Shame, but understandable. The results look quite nice anyway!

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I can’t get this to work. The menu in the n-panel is empty. Searching for the Create Bspheres operator doesn’t find it. Happens both with 2.92 and 2.93 alpha, even after loading factory settings.

I’ve checked the console and there are no Bspheres related errors in there.

Either something’s wrong or I’m blind as a bat.

Did you go to edit mode? SFamily tab.