CAD Snap Utilities


(mano-wii) #321

I’m glad you like the addon :slight_smile:

I’m taking a break for now. Blender 2.8 will have some changes in the mesh code, perhaps it is good to wait for these changes.
And I’m getting a little cramped with other activities :
But adding occlusion to Blender’s snap code is a goal I still want to achieve :slight_smile:

(jachtarfranko) #322

Hi, new 5_8_10 version is crashing all my Blender.



This object is crashing …

Snap crash 5.blend (488.9 KB)

(mano-wii) #323

Thanks @jachtarfranko for the report, I’ll take a look and fix it as fast as I can. That is a weird bug.
If you prefer, you can use Blender Market’s own support area.

(mano-wii) #324

New video:
Version 5.9 Sneek Peek

(jachtarfranko) #325

mano-vii, thanks for 2.8. I am very pleased for it.
I have downloaded it from Blender market.

But i dont know why on my 2 PC doesnt work SNAP in object nor edit mode.
I cannot make any SNAP there.

(mano-wii) #326

Strange, does the official mesh_snap_utilities_line addon work for you?
Is there any error message on the console?
What is your operating system (windows, linux …) and video card?

(jachtarfranko) #327

This version Snap utilities:

Blender 2.8 from today :

No errors, it works, but there in not SNAP,
gtx 980 and second PC integrated Intel

(mano-wii) #328

I tested on a PC with windows + dedicated intel video card and I was able to reproduce the problem!
It looks like the mesh_snap_utitlities_line addon (which comes bundled with Blender) was not working for a long time either.
The problem is in the GPU. These kinds of problems are the hardest to solve.
I’ll try to solve it as fast as I can.

Thanks for the report.

(mano-wii) #329

I spent all day trying to solve this problem and finally I found a solution:

I have already updated the Blender Market version.
Tomorrow buildbot should already have mesh_snap_utilities_line fixed.

(jachtarfranko) #330

works :slight_smile:
i like CAD features and this is the best
easy and strong

(Nomo) #331

Hey mano, would it be possible for you to enable modal keymap for utilities line? I currently use Maya navigation set up that involves rotation by alt + LMB and it creates some issues when trying to rotate around the model with the tool enabled - it works partially, but stops after a few degrees. Also, are the 3 extra tools only included via blender market?

(bekic.bojan) #332

Hello, I,ve just downloaded this great addon from BM and I think it doesn’t work in today’s build of 2.80 on Linux.

Only 5.9.2 installs.

I have deactivated the free line tool.

When u activate the addon, the snap points show up, but nothing happens by clicking on them, no action starts, whether it is a start of a line, or movement or a rotation. I’ve noticed that instead a kind of a grab mode is active, but without any snap possible.

Am I missing something?

(mano-wii) #333

Strange, this should have been working for quite some time. Which version are you using?
I’ll see if I can replicate the problem.


(Nomo) #334

I am currently using today’s Blender build with the free version.

(bekic.bojan) #335

Yes, the free version works :slight_smile:

(mano-wii) #336

I can’t replicate the problem, could you describe it better?
Does version 5.9.4 not work?

The state of Blender’s tool system is still very new and still not very stable when registering and unregistering (I’ve already reported a bug about it).

Try to save the preferences, close and open blender again.

(bekic.bojan) #337

I’ve reopened Blender, no luck.

I didn’t get 5.9.4 in the downloaded zip, there’s a 5.9.0 folder and in it there’s only 5.9.2.

What happens is this: u select a box, click on a “move with snap” tool, then the snap marker appears and changes properly as u hower ower a vertex, or a midpoint etc. But if u try to click a snap point to start a movement, nothing happens, snap markers still show up as the mouse moves over geometry and clicks are ignored. But if u press anywhere and drag, the box is moved, but without snapping.

Hope it makes sense

(Nomo) #338

Hey @mano-wii. I purchased the add-on and tested out the full version. This is great. It’s removed the need for me to move back and forth rhino for modeling reasons. However, I’d like to request two things: 1. Integration of different methods of rotation. Currently I rotate around the model using maya navigation (Alt+LMB for rotate view). It looks like the snap tools only work with MMB rotation. 2. RMB doesn’t seem to be the best for exiting the tool as it’s not overriding the RMB keymap, for example on the default is object context. I was wondering if the snap utility tools can simply exit after completion just like CAD software, and something like the addition of completion keys like spacebar would be nice.

(mano-wii) #339

I can’t replicate.
These steps you described are very strange.
Do you hold the mouse button and drag instead of simply making a quick click to move an object?
Even stranger is that the line operator works (and their keymap are the same).

Can you make a gif or some screen capture so I can understand better?

(mano-wii) #340

Original navigation keymaps should not be blocked. If this happens it’s a bug in Blender.

Custom keymaps is something I intended to do some time ago.
But the keymaps code is too complicated to study. And it gave me a lot of headache.
Because of this complication options to confirm and cancel the operator are still hardcoded.
But I will pay attention to this feature again since it is something quite requested.