Carcassonne Medieval city

Latest part of the castle itself: The western wing.

a blender render:

And the same one in unity:

Next part is the bridge allowing to access the castle inner courtyard through the main entrance…

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

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The main Bridge…

Allowing the access from the Castle barbicane to the inner castle courtyard through the main gate.
a lil ( shitty ) cycles render ?

LOL !!! fireflies are in scene !
Cycles is a real big shit ! but it’s progress !!! :rofl:
Hopefully shit don’t happens in unity :slight_smile: ( some other happen anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Next and LAST piece is the big castle barbinane !

simple for its architecture but tough to medel as angles, heights, and dimentions are uncommon…

Happy blending !

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Some quick clay render of the finished model of the castle main barbicane:

2500 triangles… it suits my needs :smiley:
now it’s time for texturing…

hope you like it :slight_smile:

happy blending !

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A little peek in the how-tos for this very big barbicane.

The barbicane’s gate leads to a circular place that is 45 meters diameter. It’s a very wide place with a ground pavement made of cobblestones.
Of course i could make it from a huge texture ( say at least 4K for acceptable, though too low details ) but i gonna try anotrher way.
It is explained here: Special unwrapping problem

I want to use this map:

for mapping the entire place…
Of course we’ll see repeats on the ground but i’ll make changes ( as there are in real city ) and will use dirtmaps to break the repetition…

Here are some steps of the thing beeing done:

make a divided plane. each of its square has the same UV !!!
and extrude the place you want to fill with those squares.

Knife cut the thing and delete useless parts:

then move the perfectly cut thing in place…

and enjoy the result:

The ugly lines you see are due to the normalmaps that are not leaked around the texture.

Here’s for fun the UV view :smiley:

( please move non of those verts as you’ll never be able to put them in place again :rofl:

Here it is. i hope i can make all this nicer ! That’s what am trying to do this evening :wink:

Hope you like it !

happy blending :slight_smile:

Here we are :slight_smile:

The render result of the castle barbicane:

Am not totally happy of the result but this will do the trick for now and allow me to start editing the medieval city streets :slight_smile:

Hope you like it :smiley:

Happy blending !

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Hi all :slight_smile:

It’s now 4 days since my last post.
Nah the project is not over ( far from beeing ). I made some few renders that i want to share at first.
Here they are, and you also can find them on artstation:

hope you like it :slight_smile:
Note that the beautifull trees come from the awesome @dan_wipf unity3D mTree plugin that is exported ( mesh & textures ) to Blender. Even in Blender, the result is just perfect !!!

Next steps for the project ask i essentially work on unity: scripts, occlusions, GUI, etc… I’m not sure wether it’s a good idea to continue the U3D WIP here as it’s a blender forum, even if what i have to do is a mandatory part of the project in wich blender is another big one.
I know it wouldn’t be a problem that ubisoft post here about anvil devs, provided the models come from blender, but… for carcassonne it’s another story :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway i think i’ll go on with the project wip here until i get kicked-out :wink:

Happy blending !


Nice work in progress of a mediaeval simulation (smile) B


Went to the art station for an animated tour
so would add mediaval simulation with game element.
i.e wip, instructive and game element eventually?
Wife liked it and tour du tresau a bit ‘spooky’ rain, fireworks and much more.


Hi @barrymaritime :slight_smile:

Am glad you and your wife like it :smiley:

Yes the ‘tour du tresau’ is as you say ‘spooky’ and in reality it’s really impressive for its strength !

And wait for the inside to be modeled ! arches are even more impressive.
This tower was sold for 250 francs in the 18th cent, to people needing stones for building the Carcassonne new town hospital.
The tower have partially been deconstructed when Eugene Viollet Le Duc started the medieval city restoration in 1862.
You can still see nowadays those stones on the basement of the hospital.
I took a photo some time ago. I can post it here if you want :slight_smile:

I asked @bartv wether or not it’s a good idea to continue post the unity3D WIP here. Even if it’s not BGE, a game engine is a game engine, and what i use/post, even if scripts are in C# could easily be ported to BGE or any other GE and help blender community ^^
This is my humble opinion but am waiting for bart’s one…

Currently am working on spinning staircase exploration helper…

Happy blending !

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he should feauture your work!

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hi @dan_wipf :slight_smile:

no he won’t as only finished projects are featured :wink:
But this is very kind of you saying this ! many thaks :smiley:

Have a nice day and happy blending !

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I removed my original post as might not fit the thread.
I can only say an excellent ‘simulation’ true to life, of a past era and bygone age. Endless versions could be made of different eras as simulations can never be completed as there will always be alerations or adjustments that could be made.Barry

Hi Barry :slight_smile:

No need to censor yourself :wink: if you post something of of topic, i just say it to you :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway for your feedback on the simulation ! It’s always a pleasure to see people liking a long work !
You are right. This cannot be really finished as archaeology, historic and past sciences will always bring new elements of truth through the coming years and decades.
The thing would be to make the simulation evolve with new knowledges, provided it can get money enough for financing the time needed for updates.
Anyway, though we still don’t know all historic looking of Paris in the 18th century, it didn’t prevent ubisoft from making assassin’s creed unity wich is nothing but a pearl visually talking. And i doubt ( even with the hundreds of millions they earned with this ) they’ll upgrade ACU after archaeological discovery in france’s capital :wink:

If you have some few time, i made a tiny demo of what i plan to do in the future:
showing the city at various ages.

stay out of the city and walk around it towards the north ( you right when you start the app ).

near a huge tower ( the one called Notre-Dame barbicane ) youll see a white burried cube.
Climb on it and you’ll see what could look like a time ribbon.
move your mouse one the center, click and look at the Notre-Dame barbicane.


This is what it looked like: ruined, in 1850 just before Eugene-Viollet-Le-Duc whole rebuild of the city :slight_smile:

As you can understant, i’ll sow several timepods all around the city, so that visitor can walk along time and finally get back to the city foundation in the 3rd century :slight_smile:

Hope you like it !

Very soon, i’ll post on my website a new version of the sim containing the whole castle, spinning staircase movement helpers and reworked houses and streets so that they don’t look this shitty.

Next step will be a lil promo video seen from an eagle in the airs :smiley:

Thanks a lot to all having interrest in my project. This gives me the energy to go ahead !!!

See you soon and happy blending !

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Now, for those mighty enough for coming to the ( boring ) unity3D forum, i’ll talk about all next things on my project.

After a talk with @bartv and @Fweeb who are pillars of the BA forum, we decided to push out all that is non blender related out of here.

Therefore, i’ll often link the unity related things ( with questions, ideas, tricks, angers and bliss )in this u3d forum thread:

And for those mighty enough, who prefer C# perf and rationnality to python, i invite you on those forums :slight_smile:

Happy blendunitying ! :stuck_out_tongue:

… and see you soon here ^^

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Thanks for the update.
Would it be possible to put all the various relevant links into one place.
Not sure of the Paris? details you mention.
The threads are growing long. I have a link made to this thread, but losing track of the other links. Many Thanks. Barry

Spinning staircase helper is done and works damn fine !

Now for beeing as close to reality as possible i’m creating districts in a better way than only a flat polygon:

then i’ll texture all roofs with tiles texture.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:
Happy blending

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Hi all :slight_smile:

Back there with some ( too few ) things…

The city districts are slowly growing…

I confesst it’s tedious, long and boring :rage:

I feel like Brendan Perry forced to sing a Lion’s king song :cold_face:

Okay. Am not Perry, and for the song… please lemme hide :rofl:

Step by step, things go forward and there are exciting things ( like trees ) and boring things ( like districts ). All have to be done though ^^

Hope you really damn love it !!! :joy:
( sincerely i wonder how you could :stuck_out_tongue: )

Happy blending !


Trees interesting and districts boring you say. What about cobblestones to the lanes and alleyways. Not sure is you have placed these yet or valid for the era you are creating?.
They help to set the tone and vary in size for variety. All the little things all help to create an ‘atmosphere’ as well as the larger items (at least for myself). B. (smile).

yap i got cobblestones textures.
The boring part i was talking about is the mesh creation of houses and roofs…

As a 1st step, i’ll texture te roofs with roman tiles, leave the walls light-brown/yellowish and leave the pathes in grey, except for the city entrance wich already got cobblestones installed ^^

Happy blending ! :slight_smile:

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Some few ( so few ) more news…

districts again… but also the Cathedral.

Though it’s far from the Flamboyant gothic look it will have, it’s just now in place, almost considered like all other districts.
As a 1st step it will only have its roofs textured.

Of course in some time i’ll model it just as it is ^^ a complex architecture part winth LOD handling ( as 20K+ triangles are too high tri count to handle for low end devices.

hope you like it !

happy blending !

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