Challenge #821 (15/03/19) Entries CLOSED

(Peetie) #61

Oh my. Everything is perfect. Concept/idea, lighting, materials, and who knows what more I am not aware of. dof, fov, colormanagement. Can you post it again so I have give it another like. :grinning:


(Photox) #62

"Shore Bird"

@Maxime, fabulous concept and execution, top shelf! :sunglasses:


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(Gabriel G) #63

Here My Entry for lSand. Its my first attept trying to make a sand texture. I think it looks more like lava lol oh well…

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(FlyingBanana) #64

That moment when you had just rendered out a possible final render and are kind of pleased with it. Then you go to the WEC and go to update the entry then you see “THE” amazing entry.

Guess it is back to donuts and anvils again for me.

P.S. Awesome job there @Maxime I could very well see this in the feature row regardless of being a WEC winning entry.


(didierv) #65

Pure entry
Blender 2.79 Cycles

sand-detail1 sand-detail2


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(domosk) #66

But hey, at least we’ll be able to participate next week, righ?


(Mateusz) #67

Hahaha so true :joy:


(Helge) #68


non-competing (pure), cycles (512 samples)


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(RobertT) #69

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.



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(BlenderRens) #70

Hi guys,

Since im still practising with characters I decided to do another one for this challenge. The idea is that this guy is fighting a huge golem (out of vision) but I couldn’t get the shadeing on the floor to be distinct enough within blender.

“Warrior in the sand” pure entry, the whole scene was sculpted from cubes and basic shapes and some simple models by me.

Learned that I should start posing way earlier :stuck_out_tongue: my computer had a rough weekend!

I really love the entries so far!


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(BlenderRens) #71

It has been said but I want to join the enthusiasm because this is a great piece!


(ericthered) #72

Pure entry. “Enter Sandman”

Surprised nobody did this yet… Always thought the sandman would be creepy… hopefully he looks like he is made out of sandbags. Cycles, denoise, composite, and post in paint shop pro and aftershot. I kinda threw it together.

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(FlyingBanana) #73

I initially was thinking sandman, then went pyramid, then went sand flea. If I was better at sculpting I was going to attempt the Metallica “Enter Sandman” album cover but stayed with my sand flea instead.


(joshwinkler3d) #74

Looking at the sandman, it looks like there is texture stretching. A bit of quick fix, but if you don’t want it you should be able to fix it by either by projecting UV’s from the angle of the camera or front of character, or possibly by setting the image vector to camera. The texture mapping node can fix scaling/location issues.

Compositionally it would tell more story if the characters face was facing the camera. He could have a terrified look or, more simply, looking to his left (towards the ceiling) as if he knows something is there.

Just some thoughts - good job though, I like the face on the sandman.

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(ericthered) #75

Thanks for the critique! Fixed the texture, I kinda wanted the idea of the character looking transfixed and seeing and knowing whats coming… Think sitting in the dentists chair and finding out that Josef Mengele is your dentist… That’s also about the limits of my character abilities to :wink: . Did a additional render in EEVEE. Originally intended this as a EEVEE render, but couldn’t quite get what I wanted. Cycles seems to do creep show better for me. do like the rim light better in eevee though. Tried making my “Plastica” poster a little more readable to.


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(joshwinkler3d) #76

Looks good - characters are definitely a challenge, I’m not too good with them either. But it is a weekend challenge so it’s always worth having a go and learning along the way.

That rim light does add to the scene (although the boy in the bed is more readable in the cycles render) - maybe just add a spotlight in the cycles, maybe off to the right or between the window and the sandman’s shoulder? Hopefully I’m not adding a lot of work :slightly_smiling_face: I know rendering can take a good chunk of time.


(benla) #77

Pure entry, “Ozymandias”
Haven’t done one of these in a while, loving the entries so far!


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(purbosky) #78

Sand Machine

Pure entry. Cycles 256 samples + denoising, procedural textures only, sculpting for the sand paths, some finishing with GIMP.


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(Mateusz) #79

I’ve opened browser again just to look at your work more. How can it be so perfect?



Oh yeah…sure…Thats not at all terrifying.