Challenge #840 (26/07/19) Entries CLOSED

Theme #840 for Friday 26th of July 2019 is:


Entry closes on Monday, 22:30 GMT (Mon, Jul 29, 2019 10:30 PM)

“There are two main goals for these contests: Fun and Glory.
Fun: You get only 4 days to create a cool image, based on the theme for the week.
Glory: After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared. The winner picks the theme for next week.”

Please remember to state if your entry is pure, open or non-competing.
For details please check out the: CHALLENGE RULES

Btw.: Comments are welcome in both threads (entries/voting). Have fun! :slight_smile:


Lol, that funny I was getting ready to work on something industrial I started getting refrance images about two weeks ago. :grin:

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Wwwoooo just got done push mowing the yard after 3 hours :sun_with_face: usually use my zero turn, but the frame broke in half on both sides going to get two flat bars and weld everything back together it will be a solid frame then. :grin:
And two riders need belts and the fourth one needs a PTO switch. :no_mouth:
Getting a belt for one of the riders sometime.

I forgot I used to do industrial work I was a mechanical engineer for about 4 years so I have an idea of what I’ll make it’s going to be another funny one :grin:

I always wanted to do some more industrial stuff. Looks like this weekend is a good opportunity!

Do you think they can fix the procedural textures to where you can adjust the thickness it would help alot for my custom shaders.

Like voroni if you could make the lines thicker you would be able to make procedural veins for a model. :grin:

Well here it is unless I find more time at some point to do more to it.

Pure Entry 128 samples and denoise/filmixc used.


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If you mix two voroni and play with the scale of one of them slightly smaller or slightly larger you can begin to see that you can indeed get that thickness look to it.

Ya, but I want to be able to scale it and adjust the thickness as needed like if I need it to be a certain scale and a specific thickness.

I might be able to use the color ramp in the shaders tab to adjust the thickness. :thinking:

I use the color ramp alot to change the thickness of textures when I use them.

Oh ya I think I got it :grin: won’t be able to test it untill my cycles 4k ultra HD skin shader is done rendering in 23 hour.

I made an adjustment on my shader that it didn’t need I dropped the number down on one and it messed the color up on it will have to adjust it again just waiting for it to finish rendering

This is what the shader looks like in cycles so far, but like I said it still needs ajustments it’s almost there.

7 colors total working all together… BAM " wispering " the world’s first totally interactive skin shader :cricket:

And here is the 4k uhd image

BAM, BAM, BAM I’m throwing pepper everywhere, BAM, BAM. :joy::grin:

Look at that face so beautiful :heart: and the eyes soul Peircing. :+1::eyes:

Well here’s my entry

Open entry

" Industrial fan "

Blender 2.8 cycles
125 samples
Motion blur
Composited in blender
Wind force
Light rays

Everything was made in blender except the human model it is a make human model with my custom interactive shader did some proportional editing on the face.

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EDIT:This is my final entry “Post-industrial dimensions”

Pure entry,1920x1920, 256 samples, 15 minutes, volumetrics and adaptive subdivision. All the materials are procedural.
I used MB Lab for the human.



Let’s try to brighten up the mood a little. :wink:


Ok guys I did a full body render in 4k uhd and posted it in my sketch book let me know what you think it’s at the end of the sketchbook.

I think it looks really good. :grin:

Working on this still, I don’t know if I can finish it in time. Got carried away modeling lol.


Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.

Please follow image link to view image fully.



"Apple Generator"

non competing (pure), cycles (256 samples + denoising)


“Wheels of Progress”
Pure, procedural
Cycles 1000 samples


Does it automatically chew the apple as well? :smiley:


Pure entry, 1000 samples. Made this in 2.80, tried eevee, didn’t like the result. Started out with a concept that turned out to be too ambitious for my stamina. I learned how to rig my robot manually (no ctrl - P), created the vertex groups manually.


long time no see :slight_smile: