Challenge #890 "Coming home again, to the perfect storm." (10/07/20) Entries CLOSED

Theme #890 for Friday 10th of July 2020 is:

Coming home again, to the perfect storm.

Entry closes on Monday, 22:30 GMT (Mon, Jul 13, 2020 10:30 PM)

“There are two main goals for these contests: Fun and Glory.
Fun: You get only 4 days to create a cool image, based on the theme for the week.
Glory: After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared. The winner picks the theme for next week.”

Please remember to state if your entry is pure, open or non-competing.
For details please check out the: CHALLENGE RULES

Btw.: Comments are welcome in both threads (entries/voting). Have fun! :slight_smile:

Hey… you forget something :slight_smile:

I understand the theme but just for confirmation, anyone explain the theme it will be helpful, Thank You

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Thanks for taking care of that. I’m still looking for a way to make this a little more unobtrusive as there is already too much text in the first post. :slight_smile:

You’ll have to ask @Lilith_Scratch about that. However, you can (always) interpret the theme any way you like. So, “Three little twisters getting back to mommy hurricane”, “Me entering my kids bedroom” or “A cold pizza: cod liver oil, anchovy, eggs, noodles, strawberry” will all make perfectly stormy fine entries.

Suzanne - Nightmare of a Storm

Pure entry, Cycles render, 32 samples & compositor denoising in 2.83.1. Composition is kinda Rule of Thirds, 5x8 aspect ratio. Thing I did for this that I’ve never done before: modeled a hurricane. Note: used GIMP to put the hurricane render on Suzanne’s baked texture.

SuzanneStorm005.blend (2.0 MB)


I think simply waiting for the first person to post an entry would already take care of that. :wink:
(And we don’t even have to wait long!)

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Looking at @KickAir_8P’s exemplary entry post, you actually seem to be right. However, displaying a small example upfront might still be helpful as we usually have a few entries with issues like missing categories or multiple images, multiple posts,… Every now and then, figuring out an entrie’s title also involves some guesswork. (Not sure if that will help, though. Let’s just call it an experiment. :-))

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In my opinion the theme should be open to however you interpret it. “Coming home again” for me feels like a return to a safe place, and the perfect storm is self-explanatory. As such together it’s like expecting something good after a long wait and not getting what you expected at all. But that’s just my personal interpretation, and it’s way more interesting to me how you’d interpret it :slight_smile:

@KickAir_8P quite literally the eye of the storm! That’s really pretty. Almost hypnotic.


that just goes to show how differently we interpret things, i imagined getting back home, or back to your hometown, and see everything in ruins :stuck_out_tongue: Just fire and destruction everywhere.



its as far as i got, i never have a good excuse for never finishing my stuff, but thats how it is…
im not competing btw.

I hope i get to finish it, knowing me i’ll likely work on it for some time then shelf it :confused:

Anyway, if i get around to it, i’ll wreck the whole place, and set it on fire.


On second thought, you could just use this little feature (called Hide details) to keep the entry post clean while still having a template:

Entry template

Thanks guys!

Good idea, although I don’t think adding the example is too much on the top post. Magical as that default cube is, I’d like Suzanne in the example render too!

I can just see someone in a Boeing with their headphones on looking out the window with a placid smile on their face. Man that was a long flight, and oh boy my bed is going to be fantasti-

What the hell, oh my god no no no

Yeah that’s awesome right on.

“Return in the Rain”
Non-competing - Cycles

And something that came to me as I was making the image:

Writing Exercise (Teenage drama alert)

"The rain started coming down again. Maybe that’s how it should be. If I had to show my bad side, why would nature gift me with a bright sun and clear skies? I had no choice, of course. Because it was for the greater good. Josh wasn’t a bad person, he just… did not belong with Nadja. He would step back now, and reject her. She would suffer for a week or two, and things would move on. Everything would be back to normal. And maybe the pain would bring her back to me.

I was her sister, after all, and that was her place. On my side.

The rain got thicker, and I wished I had brought my umbrella. But who could had seen it coming? No one around me on the busy street seemed to. Like me, some of them still had their sunglasses on. It was the middle of the summer, anyway. Not that I was too bothered by the rain. With my job done, I couldn’t care less. All I needed to do now was act surprised, and comfort Nadja, like a good sister. Like I had nothing to do with what happened.

I stopped in front of our building for a moment. Everything will be back to normal soon , I said to myself. The little inconvenience was over. I took a deep breath, raising my head to the clouds, wishing I could stay at that moment forever, wishing that the rain could wash off my guilt, take away all the little schemes, erase my little crimes. Silently, I promised that would be the last time.

I will be a good person , I promised. But now, I have a job to do .

I smiled.

-That rain sure surprised me! - I said happily, while opening the front door - didn’t even had time to take my sunglasses off!

Nadja was nowhere to be seen. The apartment had a silent, strange feel on the air, as if it was Havier than usual.

-Nadja? - I took my coat and shoes off, and checked the living room. nothing. I proceeded to Nadja’s room, and immediately noticed something was off. The door was wide open, and sat on the bed, side by side, were Nadja and josh. Nadja had being crying.

Maybe Josh and her were just breaking up? No, it was something else. Maybe…

-Ann. - My sister’s voice was full of disgust. - Ann, I know everything."


Now That’s a useful feature I wish I knew about sooner.

A WIP glimpse…




Here’s my interpretation:

“Coming home again, to the perfect storm”

Means: coming back home, to your wife/girlfriend, and be welcomed with a storm of love and passion!
Hence the “perfect storm”, it’s a metaphor, not literal, because it’s about art.

I’d try to implement such an emotionally demanding scene, using realistic human characters, under a dramatic lighting (convenient to hide the details and avoid the Uncanny Valley), with a couple kissing passionately in the middle of a messed up room with the front door still left open, while the subtle effect of a cyclone would be formed around them. Their poses would not be static, robotic and lifeless, but instead imbalanced and rotated ones, denoting passionate action, along with everything else in the room…

…but I don’t have the time and the resources to implement it (I haven’t even made full bodies yet, still working the eye). Feel free to implement it if you can :slight_smile:


ok, here is a W.I.P:

I just can’t help myself.


I just want to say how much i admire you Robert, you’ve been so consistent ever since i first joined the forum back in 2014, and even since waay before then too. Nearly every, single, weekend challenge, and always such interesting, high quality entries. I looked up to you when i first started with blender, and i still do. :+1:


Robin the Hood

Open entry. Had allot of fun scavenging through recent and old blend files. Some were old enough to not have the principled shader used in the materials. 1000 samples.