Challenge #899 "Fragments" (11/09/20) Entries CLOSED

I could be completely wrong, but does rotating your volumetric solve the problem?

Nope, sadly doesn’t seem to do anything

Is that eevee? Maybe you can place a object behind/around it with a holdout note as material?

Just found a fix! Seems to be some sort of bug but I was able to get rid of the streaks by adding in another object (in this case duplicated ceiling mesh) above the ceiling. Not sure why it happens…

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Whats up with this weird samples, 228 might be a typo and 111 samples a hidden tribute to the topic!? :smiley:

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Actually, this has never been specified - so, there have been a few discussions on this matter. This is a nice one:

This one, too:


Maybe simular to this ?


just a good time for result that I enjoy. I’ve made some of my favorite pieces with that sample rate. I could have taken it to 256. Maybe would have been less than a couple seconds difference.

I never saw the movie played the game’s a lot, is the movie any good? Because most of the time games to movie never really translates well

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Damn, I didn’t realise that today was Monday! Let’s see what I can knock up in the next 3 hours!


"White Whale"


This coffee looks so strong!

@KickAir_8P @Helge

Thanks for the replies, I actually had more time to work on the challenge than I thought I would, so I just replaced the wood texture I was going to use with a procedural one, and now I am down to only one small image , so I am gonna mark down as pure as I am nearly done atm. Just putting on the finishing touches


The Argument

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.



Phew. I only had a few hours for this. Happy enough with it. I wanted to do more with the background and the lighting, but I ran out of time. Maybe I’ll mock up something anyway in the meantime.

First time playing with the cloth brush. Wasted a bit too much time there, lol.


Here’s an update with some more love. It’s 35 minutes after the dealine, so I’ll understand if you won’t accept it.


Fragment of heaven PURE


Pure entry, Cycles on 256 samples + denoise

Small fragments which can bring much joy when you try solving their mystery.
I’ve almost miss the deadline thinking I have another day so I had to force myself to finish this one rather quickly. All made, rendered and composited in around 1,5h.


Don’t worry. There are still about 15 minutes left.
(And after that, I usually wait another 20-30 Minutes before finally closing entries.)

So, you could still add another update. :wink:

What? Are you saying it’s not of a good enough standard? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Damn, I just shut down the computer and I’m taking the dog out for her nightly loo round. No more updates from me. It was a fun little challenge in the short space of time. I’m not quite at Beeble levels just yet :joy: