Challenge #907 "Toilet of the Future" (06/11/20) Entries CLOSED

Title: Who needs a toilet

Open - peeing guy image from online

Had plans on doing a caveman scene and using a current day toilet in a cave - Titled: Whos Future
But got side tracked after starting and just tossed the peeing guy image in and added alittle pee to the water…



Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.


Toilet of the future

OPEN I’ve used some models from Blenderkit.


“The Three Seashells”
Pure Entry.

Demolition Man, 1993


He doesn’t know how to use the three seashells Ha Ha Ha Poore Sly… :slight_smile:


Nice! I hoped for the three seashells to show up from the moment I received the theme from fcharr. :slight_smile:


this voronoi texture at the wall is dope haha
good luck!

Nice, exactly. I was surprised to not see Someone else submit one before my last minute post. Love your entry by the way!


Yeah poor Sly, especially after eating Taco Bell (PizzaHut) think they would need more than just 3 shells :wink:

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Yep. Seems a poor decision given who won the restaurant wars :slight_smile:

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To make it less challenging – I’m a slow modeler to start with, and the WC’s timeframe is tightened for me 'cause I’ve often got a lot going on. But I like having three votes (I’m on the autism spectrum, even numbers can mess with my head), and the best way to get that is to increase the number of participants. So I try to submit something every week even though I usually can’t dedicate a lot to it.

And I like her. Using her in this has gotten to be a schtick, so I’ll usually find a spot for her even when I don’t need to.