Challenge #913 "The way to master something" (18/12/20) Entries CLOSED

Theme #913 for Friday 18th of December 2020 is:

The way to master something

Entry closes on Monday, 22:30 GMT (Mon, Dec 21, 2020 10:30 PM)

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Title: The Climber


Please remember to state if your entry is pure, open or non-competing.

“There are two main goals for these contests: Fun and Glory.
Fun: You get only 4 days to create a cool image, based on the theme for the week.
Glory: After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared. The winner picks the theme for next week.”

For details please check out the: CHALLENGE RULES

Btw.: Comments are welcome in both threads (entries/voting). Have fun! :slight_smile:

Well, i guess i try to master the array modifier for that :smiley:

My though too, although I doubt I’ll master it I’m sure I’ll get part way. And Suzanne, of course – if there’s any part of Blender I can demonstrate anything near mastery of? It’s Suzanne.

Title: Wax on, wax off or, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Ahh, the classics. :wink:
Amended, Sponges have been sculpted to fit better and look a little more organic. Skin overlay has been repainted to make more of the eyebrows. Thanks rigoletto. :+1:


Nice :smiley:
I like the fluffy sponges. Is there a finger missing btw!?

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Embedded in soft sponge. I’ll amend. Thanks for pointing it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

You got half a human figure made on Thursday, but missed a finger. Well, hands are the hardest to do . . .

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The master of the cube’s

Open entry


Title: Turn on your brain.

If you want to master something all you have to do is turn on your brain.


Once you have one human mesh creating another is only a matter of resculpting the topology you already have to fit the new shape you require.

From this

To this.

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Try Fail Try Again

Pure Entry


Suzanne: Practice

Pure entry, Cycles render, 64 samples & compositor denoising in 2.91.0. Composition is Golden Sections / Phi Grid, 8x5 aspect ratio, 85mm camera. Environment map is sunrise.exr (one of Blender’s included studiolights). Things I did for this that I’ve never done in Blender before: circular arrays, converting mesh edges to curves, and custom bevel profiles. Every bit of this is from Suzanne.

Edited to add: had a little more time, replaced the outer ornament array with one I made from Suzanne’s eyebrows, rotated the environment map to get a better sunlight angle (wanted more of Suzanne’s shines on the left), tweaked some stuff.

SuzannePractice025.blend (1.2 MB)


The Youtube way to master Blender (WIP)



That’s a steep learning curve. :wink:


Your post is very meta considering your post history. You’ve gotten better at the Suzanne renders by continuously posting Suzanne renders. This is at least your shiniest one yet. :wink:

YES – I appreciate you letting me know I got my point across!

Ideally visual art conveys its meaning with nothing but what’s seen in the artwork, but in practice that’s rare. The impact of the culture in which it was created inevitably informs its initial audience, and as that audience changes so too must the perceived meaning. And that’s before we get into things like art posted in forums where the blurb and subsequent threads get involved. In this WC topic alone many of the submission titles are as much, if not more of, an answer to the week’s theme as the graphics (mine certainly was).

So yeah, what I was going for largely depends on people here knowing that the bulk of my WC artwork has included Suzanne, and further recognizing that this time it’s all Suzanne (even though some bits are somewhat of a stretch). Even the color choices are (as usual for my WC submissions) Blender-meta. Thanks!

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Hammer time!

Pure, cycles.


Fruit Of One’s Labor
Pure, Cycles.
Some Post-processing in photoshop.

During the pandemic, I’ve been working hard on homebrewed beer and homemade cheese, as well as other fermentation projects. When it comes to beer I love long-termed mixed fermentation projects inspired by traditional Belgian beers like Lambic. The Belgians have truly mastered the art of beer.

It’s been such a long time since I managed to complete something for the weekend challange! I have started work on many of the last topics but never had time to finish them. So happy I managed to get this one into an ok state :slight_smile:


"Nuremberg Funnel"

non competing (pure), Cycles (256 samples + NLM denoising), Blender 2.92.0 Alpha


A foggy morning…

Pure, Cycles,
I master the Screw Modifier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: