Challenge #927 "Suzanne, Fuchsia, and the Default Cube" (26/03/21) Entries CLOSED

I see what you mean. That’s why I was thinking like monthly rather than weekend, so artists have more time to render. But if you are putting that much work into it, why not just enter a contest with prize money?

I have my regular work not connectet to any 3D enviroment . Year ago I even didn’t know what Bleder is. Next year I 'go retirment maybe then I will focus on other contests … but still more for fun than money.

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Open Eevvee mtree addon, postproduction in snapseed


I think we’ve got the winner… Brawo mistrzu :slight_smile:

Title: Progress, progress, progress…damn



“Suzanne Still Life”
Pure - Painterly post processing done using the Blender compositor and texture painting tools.
I went for an abstract composition for this piece; it isn’t something I’m used to but I had a lot of fun!

This is my first time entering the weekend challenge, so please let me know if I’m doing something wrong :grinning: I’m not sure how to post my image. Is this okay? It is 1080x1080 but that seems to exceed the allowed file size…
This is a placeholder image; I hope to experiment with the shaders and colors before the deadline.
Edit: Updated the image
I had a lot of fun participating and it is cool to see the different ways everyone took the prompt.

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Welcome to the fray.

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Thank you!

You should enter the latter.

Maybe, if i get an idea to put a default cube in it.

Actually, there is a blenderartists section for “Member Contests”. So, everyone can host all kinds of contest. However, making this work and attracting participants has proven rather difficult in the past.

I would guess that making this about animations, would make things even more difficult. It is more complicated than still images and if definitely takes more time to make. Personally, I wouldn’t know where to take the time from. I usually create my weekend challenge entries between 1 and 4 AM on Sunday morning. It just didn’t fit into the schedule anywhere else. :wink:

You could get rendertimes down to a reasonable amount of time by using Eevee or reducing resolution. If the length of the animations would be limited to a max. of 20 seconds, shorter ones would be fine too. That would probably allow more people to enter. Of course, coming up with an idea and actually creating the scene/animation would still require huge amounts of time. :wink:

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Suzanne is breaking out
Pure, Eevee


"How Materials are Made"

Non-competing, Pure, Cycles
Blender 2.92, All composting in Blender

Sorry everybody you might need the nsfw tag because of me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Interesting. So we are seeing some animations. The rules do not seem to specifically say that animations are allowed, they reference images. Not that I think they shouldn’t be, that’s why I suggested an animation contest, so we could have the opportunity to make things like this. Also this is my first time participating in the weekend contest so I might be wrong.

The scroll of rules predates the invention of this “animation” you speak of.


I’ve makes mine as non-competing because the topic says “cool image”

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I have a still set aside in case anyone objects.

Animations are not specifically precluded and they’ve been allowed in the past. I’m not sure if they help or hinder voting performance compared to still images.


I would tend to see animations as fun and kind of experimental. And I would be less likely to vote for an animation.

You know what we could do? A looped gif animation contest would be awesome. People could render as many or as few frames as they want as long as it loops. That would give everyone a chance to make an awesome animation.

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That’s a pretty good idea. But please don’t support old GIF animation format. So bad.

Look at new WEBP format.

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