Challenge #967 "2022: Welcome to Mars" (31/12/21) Entries CLOSED

Looks cool - like a planet from a stop-motion Movie :slight_smile:

I started thinking about the subject …
And then I created that :sweat_smile: I’m amazed at what I can already do in Blender :kissing_closed_eyes:
That doesn’t belong here, but it had a lot to do with the challenge overall, of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pure evee 64

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Air Traffic

Non-competing. Cycles render, postpro in Gimp, decals with Inkscape, planet texture from .


Welcome home Marstronaut

pure, cycles 32 samples, Blender 3.0


You did very good on the atmosphere colors. It is a reminder to improve the Nishita sky model by fixing the color of the Sun (or the parent star(s) for that matter) and add all the parameters needed to make alien skies.

Canyon Settlement - Pure

I generated the rocks using geometry nodes, then copied them a lot to block out the shape of the canyon. Buildings were modelled using the grid modeller add-on. Building materials use a random section of a JS placement texture mapped through a colour ramp with an random offset to get more variety.

It’s a few minutes past the deadline but I have a slightly improved version (below) I’d prefer to enter if that’s ok? I’ll leave the previous one (above) in case not.


A Trip to the Mars

Pure (from scratch), Cycles, Blender 3.0

The picture alludes to an iconic image in the old movie “A Trip to the Moon” made by Georges Méliès (1902). In the movie the rocket sticks in the Moon’s eye. Besides that, for the fun of it, a Chinese Taikonaut is the first man to put a foot on Mars in my picture.

I’m a Blender-noob and learned a good deal in the last days :grin:


Base Camp

Pure, Cycles, Blender 3.0

This was my first non-tutorial-following blender project so I learned a lot along the way. Would love to hear what people think and if anyone has tips to improve.


“The post card”
Cycles 128 samples.
Had 30 minutes to make a mess of a project.
Non competing :slight_smile:

Happy New Year Blender friends!

Look forward to the 2022 fun with ya’ll!

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4D holoprint of the first Mars base in 2022

100 (Earth) years ago the first human settlement on Mars was put into operation and the terraforming of Mars began. Today - 100 years later - over 23 million people are already living on Mars and among them are many who were born here - they self-ironically call themselves “The Martians”. In honor of this historic birthday, I built this simplified model of the first self-sufficient settlement - that was built near Olympus Mons - as part of our school project. Gladia Delmarre - 16/2122.



Ad Astra!

Funny idea! I take a flying coffee to my spacenut :grin::coffee::doughnut:

Cool idea! Somebody was already there… puzzling… so it’s true, there were ancient aliens :sunglasses:

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I like the comic rendering. It is inspiring!

HOW DO THEY KNOW? how do they know, :smiley: :blender_logo_64_png:

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This is the photo I wanted to reproduce
You can’t do that with Nishita beacuse sun area is yellow by default. So solution for me was to switch RED with BLUE color and then adjust them with other color nodes.

That’s weird, on my side the Sun shows up as almost white (at least around noon). That is one of the limitation of Nishita right now. If I knew how to deal with Blender’s code, I would do a commit but that’s not the case unfortunately. It might be possible to improve Nishita with OSL.

the Sun shows up as almost white

Yes it is white but i mean area around sun when you make sunset with default settings.

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