Colored Wireframe discussion

(SterlingRoth) #82

Regardless of the colors being selected, if there are 4+ layers of partially transparent geometry blending together, it’s gonna lose contrast. Especially with flat surfaces. I work in a lot of rectangles, so I don’t have surface shading to rely on to distinguish objects, Which is why I have the wireframe overlay.

Here is that scene with no wireframes, and random color x-ray shading:

(polyboy) #83

No need for discussion here, build it in. Everyone Comes to the point were colored wires are usefull for a certain project.


Do you think it would be practically usable if the color of the colored wireframe could something like “Single”, “Object”, “Random”? Or would more options be necessary?

(SterlingRoth) #85

For me, I have no desire for random colors. I used 3d studio viz a long time ago, and I never liked the random colors, looks like clown barf. But to keep consistency with the solid shading color options, I could see including the option.

Object based and collection based would be all that I need.

Per material doesn’t seem worth it, as materials are applied to faces, not edges. Plus it certainly would increase complexity.

Having per object colors accesible via the python api opens up plenty of power for whatever weird coloring I want to do. Color coding by size, vertex count, distance from camera, etc. There’s a lot of potential for some great visualization addons.

(burnin) #86

Have you looked at the pigeon build - that would suffice…