Construction Lines add-on - CAD - Released

Thanks, James, glad you like it. What version of CL and OS are you using? If you’re on a Mac there is a new setting in the preferences ‘Allow dashed line drawing’ which can be unchecked. Some Macs seem to have an issue with dashed line shaders.

The documentation has fallen behind a little recently as there’s been so much development but I’ll get on it soon, though I may wait to fully update for the next release, as there are some interface changes which will need most of the images changed.

Thanks @kkostovas I’ve looked into this now and I should have access through the API to the depsgraph, so I’ll be able to add the modifer snap points in. I might have this as a preference as performance could take a big hit if high levels of subdivision are used or other modifiers that produce a lot of new geometry.
Thanks for pointing out.

That is awesome, I wonder if you could add it as an option to switch it on and off “on the fly” with a shortcut. Or if it is possible to somehow bypass/deactivate some modifiers that add more geo like subD or bevel. Although there are cases where you would want to snap to a bevels edge when the bevel is too wide. I believe though the important modifiers are the ones that affect locations/rotations (mirror, array, displace etc.).

I understand that this can actually cause more problems than it solves :sweat_smile: but thank you for your efforts.

I agree that it should be an on-the-fly switch, so I’ll add a button to the tools panel rather than putting it into the preferences. I think it’s one of those things you might want to change quickly and repeatedly as you model.

I’ll look into bypassing modifiers, as it could be pretty useful (cheers for the suggestion). I’m not sure how deep the API lets you go into the modifiers.

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CAD Transform perform a mesh evaluation including modifiers, as blender’s scene ray cast is performed on final result by default (evaluating on “base mesh” without taking modifiers into account will result in non consistent face index).
Collection instance are not “visible” to scene raycast, so you are not able to snap. Looks like blender rely on open gl to allow snap, but this is not an option for python based snap as it is way too slow to initialize.
On the other hand, geometry nodes allow to duplicate a whole collection at once and result will be visible for regular snap.


@norrid Thank you for looking into it.

@stephen_leger Very interesting, I usually use collection instances with a face, I think geometry nodes only support vertices at the moment(I am very new to geo nodes) which is fine but when used on curves they don’t follow orientation like a plane does.

Oh well there is still a long road ahead of us. :grinning: