Creative Bundle Add-on Package


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I’ll see what I can do and put a disable toggle there. Thanks for pointing this out.

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Hi. How are things going?

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I don’t know what it was about this video that got me so excited but I saw this and immediately bought it. Really looking forward to the 2.8 port as I’ve abandoned 2.7 at this point. :wink:

(Peetie) #45

Cuber is already ported. It’s one of my favorite addons because you can place boolean meshes exactly in the center of an edge, face or on vertices. In contrast to other addons it doesn’t offer a non-destructive workflow (keeping booleans).

(NinthJake) #46

How is the addon coming along?
It has been over a week since you said you’d release it. I understand that you want to make it perfect for the release but at this point we have waited for over a month for a new update. You have missed 2 or 3 dates where you said you’d release it and as a customer it is very frustrating to see you posting teaser videos of the tools and not get to play with them yourself. Especially when you keep delaying the updates.

It is much better for you customers to have more frequent release cycles, then we can try the new tools as you make them or we can have the option to wait for a more complete release if we want to.
If you say that you will release an update on a certain day you need to stick with it. The only acceptable reason to delay the update is to hunt down a known bug.


" ETA on the updates for the add-on is today. I apologize for the delay, my internet did not cooperate yesterday. " - Blender Guppy

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I’ve updated the Gumroad and Blender Market stores. They now have the ported versions of Cuber and Ice Tools Pro (with Track Lights as bonus content in the Creative Bundle).

I apologize for the delay, I found some showstopper bugs I had to fix. Thank you for your patience.

This video is older than the recent update but could will give you some idea of what to expect. There are small changes made that are not in this video. Hope to finish the tutorials soon too.

(Shiv0r) #49

The dyntopo plus is not updated yet or I missed something?

(NinthJake) #50

Cool. I’ll download the update and have a play with the tools later :slight_smile:

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Here’s what I missed from the last porting update video. Also an upcoming update which optimizes the Material Palette feature in Cuber. These updates will be sent when the Dyntopo Plus port is also done.

(Peetie) #52

Cuber is my favorite addon. If you could make it non-destructive it would be amazing super. Any plans for that?

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It’s supposed to be direct boolean from the start. Ice Tools is already handling the non-destructive part and doing it with Cuber would be redundant. It remains to be seen if these things will change as the tools evolve.

(Peetie) #54

It’s your product, but here an attempt to convince you:

Cuber excels in speed because you can very precisely add a boolean mesh (cutter etc) exacly in the center of a face, edge or on vertex. It seems Cuber is the ONLY addon that does that.
( some popular paid addons offer lot of functionality but if you cannot add a boolean symetrically like in Cuber, it is quite a big hassle = no speed).
Nearly all manmade stuff is mainly symetric: table, tv, suitcase, etc, etc.

To get this done in Cuber it takes maybe to clicks, but in Ice Tools it takes to long.
Another argument could be that not all people bought Ice Tools and only Cuber.

(iceking) #55

Besides optimizing the Material Palette feature, a new update has also been done to the symmetry tool - it can now mirror in object mode using a unique but efficient method.


Hmm… Maybe it was better, or not?


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It’s faster now with the view and active selection method. The whole negative and positive axis setup is quite tedious.

Also a change in property in recent 2.8 builds will break Ice Tools and Cuber. I’ll be updating the stores again next week. But for now, find this line in both add-ons:

addon_prefs = bpy.context.user_preferences.addons[name].preferences and change it to addon_prefs = bpy.context.preferences.addons[name].preferences

You can find this in the early lines of def register() at the bottom of the script.

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Apparently there’s some left-over code with Ice Tools too that can break it without Cuber installed. I’ll be updating the stores tomorrow along with the updated Cuber and Track Lights add-on.

(iceking) #59

Quick test (Real time: approx 12 mins.) of the upcoming updates and fixes for Cuber and Ice Tools. These will greatly improve their symbiosis and overall speed. They come with optimizations for the Material Palette and Symmetrize feature for Cuber, Ice Tools can now draw link meshes, split meshes for faster mirror modding, using the bool functions now adjusts the mod stack automatically so it works perfectly with Cuber’s bevel functions without needing to refresh the mod stack and editing the link mods now inherits the parameters for the next iteration of the command eliminating the need to copy mod everytime. (These updates will be released with the next porting video)

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Here are some new updates when I fixed the add-on showstopper bugs. I’ll send these updates to the stores tomorrow when hopefully the storm heading my way has passed.