Creative Bundle Add-on Package


(iceking) #81

I’ve given up with the chickens, even at midnight they still crow. So if you can’t beat, join them. :joy:

(iceking) #82

While porting the sculpting add-on, I managed to update Cuber and Ice Tools as well.

(iceking) #83

Battery module. Quick doodle.

(wuren) #84

Hi iceking
I need some help . I buy the Creative Bundle add-on Package from gumroad . But i find Dyntopo Plus is not in " creative_bundle_1_5"

(iceking) #85

Hey, @wuren, I’m in the process of porting the add-on as well as fixes and updates for Cuber and Ice Tools Pro. It will be released soon.

(iceking) #86

Upcoming updates for Ice Tools Pro and Cuber. The bevel width and depth of the draw cutters for both add-ons can now be adjusted using velocity controlled increments (speed of mouse drag) - which is more reliable than the previous version’s constant incremental value. That and much more…

(iceking) #87

Another awesome upcoming updates coming soon…

(iceking) #88

Model from the add-on update video…

(LuCa) #89

Nice!..pls a nice tut from scratch…with screencast and all function well explains!..THX

(radi0n) #90

And maybe better video quality. (1080p)
Also as for the tutorial You do everything too fast.

(iceking) #91

There’s a reason for the 720p, my home internet sucks, every time I need to upload a video , I go to town and to my friend’s work whose internet is the fastest in town. :rofl:. I’ll try 1080p in the next videos.

You mean the Cuber tutorial? I’ll eventually release better versions of those, I just want to put something out. I still have to do a simple operator docs for all the add-on. We’ll get there.

(LuCa) #92

Boxes, generators, batteries…all that you want. The important things its a real good explanations tools (Cuber and Icetools) working in real timer while edit meshes .