DAZ Importer

As the popup says, use the corresponding script in the Scripts folder, next to the location of the dsa file. The export script that you use is deprecated and will be removed before version 1.5 is released.

Setting up the export menu is now much simpler, see http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/2020/08/automatic-menu-setup.html.

Are you talking about Rigify? I made a change to the neck some months ago, but now things are as the are supposed to be. If you really want to go back, do the following.

  1. Create Metarig.
  2. In edit mode, connect spine.005 to its parent (spine.004).
  3. In pose mode, change the Rig type of spine.005 to from spines.super_head to nothing.
  4. Rigify Metarig.
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Thanks Thomas, this is exactly what I was referring to and it worked as you described.

The new neck/head control feels very difficult for me to pose but will probably just take some getting used to.

Btw, do you have a Patreon or Buy me a coffee or something and would you link it to your Diffeo blogspot? I know my move from Daz to Blender would not be possible without all the work you put in and I’d love to show some appreciation. I’m sure some of the others here would as well.

Thanks again for all your help.

Hello, could someone explain to me the workflow to add an new element to the character?
If I wanted to add an accessory or something how would you proceed?

Hi Thomas.
I used a makeup bundle here: https://www.daz3d.com/stardust-glitter-makeup-merchant-resource-bundle.
There is a shader or something(actually I know little about the Iray) in the Surface submenu of those makeup shell called metallic flake , which can not be imported into blender right.
How can I rebulid it in Blender? I 've tried but just not look as perfect as it in DAZ.

If you mean a Daz clothing item/hair/etc., you could just import it as you would the Daz character itself. However, if your character isn’t at its default state (morph-wise), you might get non-desirable results… The best way would be to just add the items in Daz|Studio, save the scene, then import in Blender using the addon.

If you mean a new item that you’ve created, you’d do it as you would any other item, which involves modeling, texturing, rigging, weight-painting, etc.

As far as I can tell, it is not possible to update an existing character.
If I have a male character, and I want to update him with a beard for instance, importing the updated daz file will only create a new character.
Considering I’ve spent a long time tweaking the materials and meshes, I’m not willing to start over and looking for the simplest solution.

I know nothing about adding a new item to the existing rig/weigh painting, I feel like there’s no other solution.
Considering how DAZ models are imported, could you just point me a quick workflow? (bullet points are enough)
Like how to attack an item to the main armature, should I use an armature modifier? Is there a way to automatically apply weight paint to the new item? Are bones automatically assigned?

Sorry for all the questions, that’s an area of Blender I really don’t know much about.

I haven’t tested this, so take it with a grain of salt. I also don’t have the addon in front of me at the moment, so some of the tool terms may be off a bit.
If you are using the addon:

  • Click the Import button and browse to the item (beard) and make sure you select “Unmorphed…” and not the JSON file you created for the main figure.

  • If you’ve modified the imported figure, the item (beard) may not fit correctly, but it should have imported with an armature, which you can merge with the main figure using the “Correctives” section.

I have been able to add hair this way, but it usually requires some tweaking after it’s imported.
Again, this is unpredictable and sometimes doesn’t work correctly. The author of the addon may have a better solution than this or more insight.

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There are probably a few different ways to accomplish this, but here is my method after making a character and then adding items such as clothing and hair -

  • Open up DAZ and load the original character you previously exported.
  • Add items, for example a shirt, hair, and a beard.
  • Export to a new blender file, then save that blender file, for example - assets.blend.
  • Reopen your blender file with the finished character, then append objects from the assets.blend file.
  • If your character is still in the A/T pose, the assets will be in the correct location.
  • For clothing, merge rigs with Diffeomorphic like normal.
  • For the beard, shrinkwrap to the character mesh, parent beard to mesh, or join the meshes.
  • For hair, after I convert to particles using Diffeomorphic, I usually parent to the armature in the ‘relations’ tab on the right.

The main approach is appending the items in blender and then using blender tools to parent/join the objects in your scene.


Thanks guys, very helpful!

Don’t you ever need to play with weight painting?

For my purposes, no. I’m only rendering still images, for now.

Since you’re so helpful, maybe you could also help with one of my previous questions that remained unanswered?

"I’m trying to understand the “Add Extra Face Bones” section, following the explanation step by step.
I found the layers in the object data properties tab, I select the layer 32 to show all the bones.

And that’s the part I don’t understand (I’ve never used drivers before):
“When expressions are loaded later on, the “Drv” bones will be driven by rig properties, whereas the deform bones are freely posable. The idea is to first pose the face with a generic expression, and the tweak the expression with the posable bones to make it unique.”

Could you be more specific here please? I feel like I’m missing some knowledge to fully understand the workflow. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do at this stage.

I didn’t know it was possible to load expressions. And I don’t understand how to make my own expressions/modify them, bones are not responsive.

Thanks in advance."


can you expand this step?
What’s the difference between shrinkwrap compared to simple join meshes?

I’ve only been using Diffeomorphic for a little while so I’m no expert, but I’ll explain the little bit I know in hopes that it will help.

Import Character using Diffeomorphic. If using the latest build of Diffeomorphic 1.5, I uncheck the boxes. I have not figured out how to use the Simple IK yet.

After import I always merge rigs so we only have one rig to work with. Select all of the child rigs (clothes, eyebrows, lashes, etc.), select the main rig last, then hit ‘Merge Rigs’. I don’t know if it has to be done that way but it works for me.

With the base figure, we can pose individual bones, but the joints won’t look right.

So, we import JCM’s (Joint Corrective Morphs) and flexions so the joints look correct when posing (notice the difference in the armpit and shoulder).

But, at this point, we cannot import poses (some might work, but not all). We need to import Units, Expressions, Visemes, and Body Morphs. Then import a pose and it should work.

Cool, right? But now we cannot pose the bones individually. The bones are driven by the shape keys under the body morphs panel (notice the purple color in the right panel).

We fix this by ‘Add Extra Face Bones’ and ‘Make All Bones Posable.’

The posable bone layer will be in layer 8 on the panel on the right, and the bones driven by the shape keys will be on layer 32.

I think either layer will allow us to import poses, but only layer 8 will allow us to pose bones individually. Now we can import poses and then pose individual bones to get the perfect pose. For the face, we can import an expression and then fine tune it with the individual face bones.

My example was a little out of order just to demonstrate how it works. I think Thomas put the items in the import menu in the order they should be performed. So, after importing your character, make sure global settings are correct, apply the ‘corrections’ that you want to apply, then apply any ‘material’ corrections, then import ‘morphs’. That should give the best results.

If you see anything that is incorrect, please let me know.

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Hey man, thanks a lot I really appreciate you taking the time to reply with pictures, extra helpful.

I was more or less at the same level of understanding except things didn’t really work on my end.

  1. Usually I just merge rigs and poses work right away. I tried as you said: importing units, expressions, visemes and pose morphs, and suddenly poses stopped working.
  2. When I import an expression, it resets the whole body.
  3. There are bones I can’t move, especially on the face, I can only rotate them while they should be moving instead, and it’s distorting the mesh.
  4. Expressions affecting eyes position don’t work, they even reset the expression entirely.
  5. I often get an error message when importing expressions. “Warning: animation loaded but some morphs were missing, see list in terminal window”. Where is the terminal window and how do I get the morph I’m missing?

That’s all I got from the top of my head, thanks in advance!

  1. If you import a body morph (previously called pose morph), the bones are driven by rig properties and can no longer be posed freely. To fix that, go back to the Corrections section and Make All Bones Posable.
  2. Pay attention to the pose import options. You want to disable Clear Bones, Clear Object, Affect Bones and Affect Object, while Clear Morphs and Affect Morphs are enabled. Do the opposite when loading a pose but keeping the expression.
  3. Same problem as the first one. Add Extra Face Bones to make the face bones posable again.
  4. Don’t know why that happens.
  5. The DOS window that you can start Blender from. If you double-click on the Blender icon there is no terminal window. The message means that some morphs are not found, either because you have not imported morphs to the character, or because the file refers to morphs that you don’t own. You can slience the error message by disabling Report Missing Morphs in the import options.
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DAZ Importer Version 1.5.0 Release Candidate

The Daz Importer has evolved a lot in the last few months, and the old stable version 1.4.2 is obsolete. A candidate for a new stable version is now available. If no serious bugs are found in the next week or so it will become stable version 1.5.0.

Download Daz Importer v 1.5.0 RC: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h4laa2r62yq64wa/import_daz-v1.5.0-20200914.zip

This version supports Blender 2.90.0, Blender 2.83.3 LTS and Blender 2.79b.

The add-on has mostly been tested on Windows 7. It has previously also been tested on Windows 10 and Linux, but not the most recent changes.

I had hoped that the documentation would be complete before the release, but unfortunately it is somewhat outdated due to the additions of new features and UI changes recently. Writing documentation takes a lot of time and effort and I don’t want to postpone the release any longer.


Thanks a lot for the replies, very helpful.

1 & 2. I did as you say, and it works. However, for some reason, if I have a posing active, and I want to load an expression, the hands will reset.
4. Confirmed it resets the whole face even after following your steps, but it might be the morph that resets the face too. Loading a facial expression including eye positions doesn’t work as well. Feels like facial morphs and eyes are somehow disrupting each other.
5. Are you refering to the windows command line? Or is it something in the Blender folder? Because I found only a few command scripts that aren’t helpful in my case.
Also, expressions are sometimes inaccurate. Using the right source (genesis 8), depending on the set of expressions, some will give different result that the one expected. I get an error message about missing morphs, considering that I’ve imported all morphs, I’m puzzled as for what is missing.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time reply!

Following the process, I had this error message after trying to import units.