Developer Meeting Notes


(Zinogg) #141

Beta means fixing bugs and crashes for a potential release candidate not adding new functionality that’s obvious, however we might get little suprises here and there like for example the guy Pablo who is working on sculpting brushes or the other one who is improving animation system,and we suddenly got cryptomatte which was not planned for 2.8, they won’t be big like collections,eevee…etc but small and useful.

(MusicAmg) #142

any news on addons? like if there is a list of the ones ready for 2.8? or if any of the ones that made it to master for 2.79 will be available?

Hoping to see all the neat curves available, etc… the sapling addon, stuff like that…

(Ace Dragon) #144

This week, the bug tracker will be flooded with reports of current issues in the 2.8 branch (which will become known simply as master as 2.7x comes to an end).

If you have any issues in mind, then report them as soon as the beta hits, but make sure you search first to make sure you don’t submit a duplicate.

(Indy_logic) #145

As soon as they release the beta (and the python API is fully working) the signal will go out to all the developers to update their addons.

(MusicAmg) #146

awesome thanks!


Select tool: “add Select tool, with transform tweak on drag and no click delay”

" For users that want the 2.7 LMB keymap behavior, this provides a way of
working without tools interfering. For RMB select this operator is quite
redundant with the Cursor tool, we may have to find a solution for that.

Note that we also might later add transform tweak to the transform tools,
when nothing is selected. But this is important for existing users who
preferred the existing workflow. "


(Thinking Polygons) #148

Now I need to enable release confirm otherwise I’m screwed.

Now this :point_up_2: is what will be the beginning of a great tweak mode.

(Hikaru Ai) #149

so the T bar is basically useless because it has like 4-5 tools and everything is in the N bar

(Zinogg) #150

surprise surprise opensubdiv is online now.


Keymap: use ‘W’ key for select toolbar shortcut

Defaults: set “release confirms”, for transform tweak with single click and drag.

Keymaps: keep Select Box as default tool.

Keymaps: for LMB keymap, add ctrl+LMB to select bones in weight paint mode.

Workbench: Add Curvature overlay for better visibility of surface detail for e.g. sculpting

GP: New Blend Layers functionality
Now it’s possible define the blend mode between layers including the option to clamp the layer using underlying layers.

(drgci) #152

yeah i was waiting so long for this

(Thinking Polygons) #153

But shouldn’t the multires modifier show the number of the polys in the status bar when you subdivide? :thinking:

(Metin Seven) #154

I hope Blender macOS users will also be able to use OpenSubdiv soon.

(Ace Dragon) #155

The current Monday Meeting has concluded.

Hi all,

Here are the notes from today’s developer meeting. Next meeting is Monday, 3 December 10:00 CET (9:00 UTC). 1)

Blender 2.8 Beta

We are aiming for a Beta release this week. Still waiting for:

  • New splash screen * Release notes on
  • Renaming of some features
  • Possible changes to default preferences
    Note that we will not make a specific build for this, we will continue to use daily builds on so that everyone tests with the latest fixes and changes. 2)

New Features and Changes

Weekly Reports

The biggest surprise is that there’s not going to be an official beta build, but merely a beta tag with a new splashscreen and continuing daily builds.

(Zinogg) #156

yeah, i think they are going with beta versions before an offical one, since there are many areas to be worked on but overall good news.

(eobet) #157

Wait, is beta a freeze on features and UI and then just stability issues/bugs until the next point release?

If so, then this is way, way, way too early! But perhaps “beta” with Blender means something else than what the industry normally means?

You can’t even control click the various visibility options in the outliner to show/hide an entire subhierarchy.

(brecht) #158

Beta here does not mean a freeze on features and UI. It also does not typically mean that in the software industry. In our case we mark the start of the Beta phase when all the major features are in place.

(eobet) #160

Thanks. Good to hear!

(Craig Jones) #161

Of course I am wondering if [quote=“Ace_Dragon, post:155, topic:1126008”]
Add > Image submenu to quickly add a reference image, background image or mesh with image texture.
[/quote] will then eliminate the main need behind the Import Textures as Planes add-on :smiley: because that right there enables very quick painting in the viewport… the rest is amazing too, but I have my specific area of glee.

(Chanfiroly) #162

actually, the “mesh” option calls Import images as planes as far as I know. In fact, in current builds, if you enable the addon, the submenu actually reads “import images as planes”