Does anyone else think that a Human model head is needed on SHIFT+A?

How does that method uses sculpt?
-It can’t.
Shift+A>human>Head (Male). Switch to sculpt. Start glory for new users.

David, it doesn’t…you’re taking my response to @cgCody out of context.

My response to you is…

I´m about to give a practical workshop full of people coming from studios and publicity agencies… I´m pretty sure they will all appreciate switching to sculp tab and shift+a (human head). We all need it.

I actually made an addon just for this with many meshes, but I priced it to be pricey because I spent quite a bit of time on the meshes and the addon, since I made it I use it a lot everyday :slight_smile: The addon not just adds new meshes, it also offers some functionality like gallery browser, opening the mesh in sculpt mode, mesh processing randomized file naming , temporary versions etc.

I was actually thinking to make a free trimmed down version with a head mesh, improved suzanne head (see my avatar) mesh and a male body mesh as additional base meshes to compliment Shift-A menu.

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Got screenshots to show?
And what price do you plan to sell your add-on?

I was not trying to plug it though I did, Iw as just trying to explain that such thing exists.

It has has a preliminary random shape generator.

My main point was the workflow actually, quoting myself here

  • The main concept of this add-on is the template scenes. Opening a base mesh template opens only a clone of the master template, so that you do not need to worry about saving over the base mesh template. This is great, because you will not mess anything up while doodling or worry about where to save. It is similar to sketching over a piece of scrap paper. When ready take it to the next level or just discard it and let them rot in the temp folder.
  • The second concept of this add-on is “committing” Lets say you are happy with the current work that you have created based on a template mesh, then go ahead and commit your work. Committing saves the currently opened work to the predefined folder in the settings.

Here is a screenshot with included meshes.

It should be a nut base mesh! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dumbing down should never stop, it should be encouraged. If it did, you would have to manually add two vertex to form a line, because even basic primitives are just shortcuts for joining vertex.

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what tha’ front?! Why isn´t this promoting anywhere else?! Stap l00$ing money man! There´s such an emergency in Blender 2.8 for bringing things ready for sculpting and your addon might be the boost up that it needs. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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We all know how it went down for the use of a cube. Want me to show you new user stadistics and the cube? I can do this all day…

I don’t understand why some people are so against having more easily accessible assets for people to play around with. The people who are not going to make something creative out of them are not going to become magically better artists just because they lack those assets. If they want to genuinely improve they will have to put in the work like everybody else, assets or not assets.

Also, professionals reuse assets all the time to speed up their workflow process. Pros don’t need to remake a head or a hand from scratch for the 1000th time when they already gone through all of this. Time is extremely valuable for a pro, so if that means they reuse a finished retopologized full body human to remove a bunch of extra work, then so be it.

This is why Blender needs a built in asset manager, which I will be using to create a bunch of basic stuff to speed up my 3D modelling. Just like any sensible person should do if you value your time. I don’t know how many new assets will be added to the baseline package of Blender, but a basic human model is a pretty basic thing to have, in my opinion. I am glad that the developers seem to be on the same page regarding this topic as well.

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Maybe I just want to keep it for myself :slight_smile:

I would love to have at least a 6’ (or changable height) stand-in similar to what SketchUp has!

Hundreds of times I’ll be trying to get the scale right in a scene, and just don’t have something QUICK on hand to plop in as a visual reference…



That is in my todo for my addon actually.


Kkar, YOU are the Magnificent!


This could be useful for sculpting, same with a base human model, but then again, plenty of those free on the Web!

Can we update Suzanne to 2.0

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Suzanne is a replacement for utah teapot I guess - “something” other than a geometric simple shape. It should stay that way. I wouldn’t mind having it as “add sculpt object/suzanne”. Similarly, other basic shapes under “add sculpt object” would have modifiers already applied. Sometimes I use suzanne in pure poly form if I need to verify some normals node work.

No it’s too late to update Suzanne, even if you can create a Suzanne that was 100 times better than the current Suzanne, it has now achieved an iconic status and is now uniquely tied to Blender for better or worse.

I love the idea of a human head model been on shift+a if something was done that was high quality and already uv unwrapped I think that would be super cool.

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Actually a great idea. A head is as similar as a cube. Same with bodies. It’s a humaniod standard. The sculpt tool is the thing that makes things different. It would be nice just to start with correct edge loops.