Doodle Log 004 - THE NEXT LEVEL

Just wanna share this. The latest of a series of animated shorts that I make for my YouTube channel. I call 'em “Doodle Logs” a part of my Journey To Awesomeness.

Doodle Logs are videos reporting my progress on the bigger animation project that I’m currently working on. That’s why the animations here aren’t as great as I’d want them to be. SO yeah, sharing my progress of an animation project using animations. It’s crazy but I’m doing it! Which is why it’s also awesome! XD

Anyways, I’m currently at Production Stage of the animation project talked about in this animation. This is probably confusing…:sweat_smile: Just watch the full video here to know more:

I made all of these using only Free and Open-source software. Blender for the animations, of course. Video editing in Kdenlive. Audacity and Ardour for recording and audio processing. Rendered using EEVEE. And I also used grease pencil animation. :slight_smile: