⚠ Drive failure, some thumbnails are lost

After installing additional storage space in our server yesterday I noticed issues with out image thumbnails. Tech support determined an issue with a cable in our server and fixed it. Everything looks good, but small dataloss in the generated thumbnails may occur. If you experience this on a recent post please leave a note below and I’ll try to regenerate them.

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Hi Bart

I have a problem of thumbnails and images on this new topic
I think there is a few thumbnails…

That topic should be fixed now.

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The second image here also seems to have a missing thumbnail

Are you sure? That topic looks good to me.

This is what I’m getting

If it is only me then we’re all good!

Thank you for your reactivity.

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I’m pretty sure that’s a caching issue on your end. I just tried in several browsers and that image loads ok for me.

If I’m not mistaken, most of the current Weekend Challenge entries are suffering from this thumbnail issue as well:

I updated them.

@moderators I think you can do this too: click the ‘…’ icon, then the ‘wrench’ icon on a post, then select ‘Rebuilid HTML’. For reasons I don’t understand, it sometimes fails. If it does, please let me know.


Thanks a lot! Everything looks fine now. :slight_smile:

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That was with the cache disabled, but glad it isn’t a problem for others.

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Well, I’ve just created a topic, and after minutes the thumbnails got broken:

Same for me here: The Mandalorian. I don't get it

Ah butts - the drive is gone again :skull: :cloud_with_lightning: :fist: Calling tech support.

Ok, I moved all the data to a new drive.

@Acrivec @cgslav I rebuilt your posts, the images should show correctly now.

I also did a rebuild of all posts of the last 48 hours. Almost all topics should be fixed. I still see a few that won’t rebuild properly, and am waiting for Discourse support for help on those.

I’ll ask our hosting company to remove the faulty drive, expect another 10 minutes of downtime when that happens.

I’m missing a few thumbnails in this thread:

All missing images should be restored now!