Dynamo Episode 6

Whew! Worked hard on this one! Lots of 3d environments and some motion tracking- I’ll try to post a vfx breakdown before too long, for anybody interested :slight_smile:.


Astounding work. I #featured it and also took the liberty to tag it with #web-series and #vfx. Feel free to change or add tags as you wish.

Also I recommend to read this advice on posting multiple images in a post.

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Oh whoa- never been featured before! Thanks so much! And glad you enjoyed the episode!

Thanks a ton for the tips link, too! I haven’t gotten the full hang of the new interface just yet- that should help :smiley:


“Meanwhile, 3 days later” Is a contradiction. Haha. :slight_smile: Cool graphics!

Just a quick before and after of exiting the ship. Fairly “well yes that makes sense”, but I’m still pretty pleased with how easy it was to do.

So admittedly, tracking was done in the After Effects 3d tracker. Literally just, like, one click (maybe a little babysitting), and 9 minutes later I had the motion copied into blender (using this incredibly handy plugin, AE2Blend) and the whole thing blocked out in 3d space. It was incredibly straightforward. The Blender tracker is crazy powerful, and can probably give more accurate results overall, and in more diverse situations, but if I’m in a rush, it’s really nice to be able to just click a button.


Your work is sick. Yeah…

Awesome work! Very nice integration of the CG and actors and some cool looking sets. It’s quite rare to see large projects like this finally getting released, so congratulations on getting it out the door; It must feel awesome to have finally reached the end… well, until episode 7 :smiley:

Great job, Ian. Is all the compositing done in after effects?

Really impressive work! I really like how well integrated the CGI is with the live action - no jarring “that doesn’t belong there” moments. You put a lot of films to shame :slight_smile:

So, is this just a reel - or does it serve a larger purpose?

It would be great to learn more about your process :slight_smile:

Amazing work!!! :open_mouth:

Oh thanks a lot, Joe!

It’s part of a series I work on for fun- you can seethe other videos here, if you want (though we’ve been doing this for like 6 years, so there’s definitely some quality/age incongruities :stuck_out_tongue: )

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It feels really good, yeah! But whew, this took way longer than I expected, for sure. Every single time I’m like, “Eh I can probably finish up the next one in a month or so.” I’m sitting looking at episode 7 right now thinking the same thing, haha.

Oooooohhhhhhhh yeah! Inspiring, as always.
Sheesh, so much work though! Are you open to community involvement? How can we help?

Yes, I’d love to help with this any way I can. These are so good.

Nice - really impressive work.
Well done.

WOw epic man!

Man the quality has really been boosted! Such great work!

Wonder with huw much people you work on this. Models look epic and so detailed. Thats must be tons of work.

Minor thing i noticed when she’s looking at the hovering space. We see the lights of the set in the glasses @1:45

So AE gives you a 3D camera track not just a tripod movement? Amazing!

This episode really looks lovely, some of those environment shots are better than you see in TV series these days so congrats.
I was wondering about the water shots before the bar scene, are they real water comped in or CG?