Editing Sound to F curves - Addon?

Is there any way to turn a sound baked curve to regular curve that I can edit ?
Using the envelope is way too fiddly , I would love a way to just edit it like any curve ?

Any addons that make this easier?


Hey, I think there is an add-on for this, but I would PM @clockmender and ask him.

@Lalaland, @ajcdfin - See this:

and this:

There are two possible answers to look at, neither of which might be exactly what you want, but might give you an idea. These baked curves are just that - baked and as such cannot be easily altered.

The first method is very old (2011) so may not work in 2.8, but then again it just might be ported by now.

To be honest, I would edit the sound file in Audacity, or similar then re-bake, this would give you exactly what you want.

Cheers, Clock.

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I found an addon , Audvis , which is very cool , slight sync issues but its being worked , very promising addon.