(kopias) #81

great speedup tool

i have just annoying bug, def scene, enable addon, go to edit mode default cube and hit f2. annoying script warning. I would rather see nothing

(etoven) #83

I finally god this working and learned how to use this properly. I love this addon! Mega time saver, I had to fix a model today and this add-on made super quick work of this. I love it!

(Endlessillusion) #84

Oh man thanks for this, it’s great.

(eXKR) #85

I love it, thanks a lot!

Just one question, would it be possible to add an “automatic UV unwrap” support? I have tried and get this:

It would be great for those of use editing meshes that were already unwrapped and textured.

(Astapov) #86

This is an awesome plugin I will definitely be using it a lot.

Is it possible to do something like draw quads by recycling some of this code?

Lets say you select an edge then hit a key to enable then it extrudes to mouse pointer until the combined length of the side edges equals to the size of the original and the extruded edge a second extrusion occurs and so on until the command is confirmed.

With this tool you created and what I mentioned above blender would have a really robust retopo tool set.

(1D_Inc) #87

Very interesting propose =)
But with clean quads you can define just regular surfaces, that are usually retopoed very easely.
We are trying to find out simple instruments for describing complex organic surfaces.

(0rAngE) #88

cool script. been using this.

(Meta-Androcto) #89

just a bump, I wonder if this has been ported to c already…

(1D_Inc) #90

It’s time to bring some changes to F2.
An AutoGrab mod of F2 addon for retopology.
No more FGFGFG, just F and drag.

This mod was was made by Alexander Nedovisin (Александр Недовизин, you may know him by Grid Fill Manager developement) and Sergey Druzhinin (Сергей Дружинин).

I think it’s awesome, and will be useful for your retopology workflow.
AutoGrab is planned to be as checkbox option, that switches between classic and new modes, so it it beta version, so you can try if it will be turned on.
Thanks for your attention!

F2_16.zip (3.26 KB)

(PLyczkowski) #91

Hey, works great! But it also switches to grab after make edge/face, I think it’s not supposed to.

(Cfyzzz) #92


(ifcruickshank) #93

Read the post above yours.

(PLyczkowski) #94

Read mine again. I said it switches to grab also after standard make edge/face, not only after adding new quad from selected vertex.

(1D_Inc) #95

Yes, it does =)
We are trying different ways of workflow, but I agree with you that it better be fixed=)
Reuploaded zip

(ifcruickshank) #96

Gotcha. My mistake.

(PLyczkowski) #97

I really like AutoGrab, not only for retopologizing but also normal modeling.

I was wondering - I often run into a scenario when I close a gap with f2 creating a row of quads, and at the end I run into a triangle, like that - http://db.tt/tdLspXEx

Would it be possible for f2 to recognize this situation, and also fill the triangle?

(1D_Inc) #98

Well, basically F2 were designed for pure quad retopology and modelling, so it was not meant to cap any triangles.

Meanwhile we are close to last release.

(uruburei) #99

Excellent idea, I think that could be added a auto merge selected vertex to adjacent vertex. This could be activated with Ctrl key or another shortcut key when you do not want move the selected vertex. Streamlining the process.

(1D_Inc) #100

Well, the latest version of F2 addon!
Now it have an AutoGrab checkbox in preferences for AutoGrab ability, and doesnot proceeds single non-active verticles!
Alexander Nedovisin were added into author’s section.

F2_164.zip (3.53 KB)

(Sanctuary) #101

I didn’t noticed the upgrade to F2 that you provided, thank you very much for your work !