(artisanicview) #102

I tried the F2 ad-on with the latest Blender 2.69 RC1 and I’m getting very strange behavior! I followed some tutorials on using F2 but I can’t replicate them! What’s wrong? I’m using the latest F2 v1.6.4 with AutoGrab enabled.

(marksto) #103

Well, same here! Please help as soon as possible please please!:yes:

(1D_Inc) #104

What happened? Everything is looking fine for me for 60597 Win64 zip release

(marksto) #105

Sorry. If I remember correct I tried to continue from bsurfaces shape and got only tris. Can`t repeat the same anymore, all is OK now here. Great addon!!!

(AaronAnnuscheit) #106

I think that this is the best add-on for blender and should be enabled automatically.

My ONLY problem is the triangle thing but could that be fixed by when you add the face and it is going to be a triangle it fills the face and then on an appropriate side it adds a vertice therefore it still creates a quad

(vklidu) #107

@ hi Crouch: thanks for add-on :slight_smile: I have two questions:

1- isnt it better to continue facing from already generated vertex?
(Like now you need always select vertex in a corner and than hit “F”.)

2- isnt it better to dont release click? Keep option of dragging, that lets you position precisely generated vertex and than click for release?
(Like now after “F” click I have to press “G” to position vertex. It is not so hard since “E”,“F”,“G” keys are next to each other, but anyway it seem s to me easier.)

From current process you have to select corner vertex, hit “F”, hit “G” to position and click to release, select new corner vertex, hit “F”, …
My proposal is to select vertex, move cursor at place of new one, hit “F”, position vertex and release, hit “F”, …
Maybe it would be clear from video https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/55113627/F2_proposal_50%.mov

Thank you for your opinion.

(vklidu) #108

>1 - OK
Lately I came a cross to Topogun, that works like that https://vimeo.com/60152902 (see 2:30 min.)

>2 - Thank you very much, great news :slight_smile:

Note: It should be a rule - provide a link to the latest version in a first post of thread.
It’s a waste of time for everyone :frowning:
It can be a problem if latest version is created by someone else than the creator of a thread, but it would be easier to solve it with author of a thread (to post it there) instead of asking and answering many people where it is. It help to share your great work guys :slight_smile:

(1D_Inc) #109

Well, sorry for that, but Bartius is out of reach for a long time (about a half-year), so I asked Alexander Nedovisin to write this mod, and posted it here by myself (as well as posted LoopTools 4.4.3 beta, latest version that Bartius sent to me)

As you may already know, F2 were written by Bartius by my supported proposal.

(Craig Jones) #110

Maybe start a new thread called F2 Update, and maintain that one instead

(1D_Inc) #111

I don’t think it is necessary, I have already got from F2 everything I had planned.

(Crouch) #112

Just a short message to show that I’m alive (again). I’ve pushed the latest version (simplified the code, but functionality should be identical) with auto-grab to trunk, so it should be available without having to download it from this thread.

Thanks go to 1D_inc and Alexander Nedovizin.

(iceking) #113


hey man, on the trunk, cant see any difference, would you enlighten me how to activate auto grab on you edit, thnx

(1D_Inc) #114

AutoGrab mode are in F2 since 1.6.4 version, you can download and install it separately (last post on 5th page), or wait for next Blender release.

(Crouch) #115


A new version (1.7.2) is available. This version adds two requests that were voiced in this thread:

  • Support for UV textures (idea by eXKR)
  • Triangles at the end of quad-strips (idea by PLyczkowski)

More information and download available here.

(rrtk) #116

once again, awesome work. thanks

(Crouch) #117

Before I forget: the code has already been submitted to trunk, so any recent custom build of Blender (today or later) will include the improvements.

(blurymind) #118

what I wanna know is how come this is not turned on by default! :smiley: Great plugin, one of my favorites!!

This plugin adds value to blender. Especially for retopology and modelling in general!

(iceking) #119

hey this works better than grid fill in most situations, but can you do a select capture right at pressing F, could work really fast for selecting single vertices for creating a face. or would that not work?

(Crouch) #120

iceking: Do you mean that F2 would work without having any selection active and in that case automatically selecting the closest vertex available? Because that might become a bit of a nuisance if you also want fill-direction detection to be working properly.

(iceking) #121

@crouch: yep. :), and you’re right. hehehe. sorry.