Flexi Bezier Tool

Excuse me if this is off-topic, but I was wondering if this addon had, by any chance a way to export the bezier curves as .svg files? I know it might be something out of this addon’s scope, I couldn’t find it anywhere in the topic. But it would be extremely handy to work on curves within Blender and being able to export and share an svg version of these curves so other people can use them.

Hi Andy,

In case the Flexi Bézier Tool doesn’t offer that option, you can activate the Curve Tools add-on that is included with Blender. It includes an SVG exporter for Blender curves.

Alternatively, you can try the also free Bezier2SVG add-on by LeoMoon Studios.


Thanks a lot! I didn’t know neither, but both addons work for me (after tweaking some settings) and are just what I needed. Thank you again! :grin:


If someone wants to export the curves from within the add-on, I have just added a simple Export to SVG op in the toolkit, here’s a quick demo: https://youtu.be/KR1KFck4raM


excellent update !!


Is it possible to do loft operation in curve using this addon?

Great Add-on, thanks.

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Oh, thanks a lot! That’s fantastic! I’ll try it right away. :grin:

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Loft is not available right now. The next thing I wish to work on is boolean operations (pending since a long time) and maybe offset whenever possible.


You can activate the Curve Tools add-on in Blender Preferences to get access to a Loft tool. It only seems to work with two curves at a time though, I just did a quick test.


Have you seen this post by TheBigBrain [WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects Maybe it is helpful. If you were to do a series of lofts using curve tools and then use volume preserve smoothing on the mesh would that work to get what you want?


This tool is really good!
The only thing that bothers me is when I exit the tool, it always activate the tweak tool. It would be nice if it could revert to the previous tool.

Also, is it possible to move several points in flexi edit? If not, would it be possible with G?

I’m experimenting with the Flexi Bézier Tool, and I like it more and more.

Is it possible to easily close a shape you’ve drawn, with a smoothly interpolated segment between the last and first curve point?


ALT can help you snap to the last vertex of the curve.

But I think you’re searching for this option (Close Splines) :


Nice, thanks!

Hi @Khemadeva, i had some time recently to spend with your addon, i see some nice upgrades! And the ‘inkscape feeling’ of it is really present. Great job with the bezier algorithms!

There is some space for improvement in regards of integrating this workflow in 3D, i might suggest some, if that is ok with you.

One of the things that could be considered is the notion of ‘drawing plane’ or ‘work plane’, clearly indicated in the 3D view. Right now, if you flexi draw in arbitrary 3D view you are not sure at what relation to existing 3D geometry you are generating the curves, how deep your workplane is or at what angle. And i can imagine the users will use this tool to generate some additional geometry in their scene, in relation to existing one.

There are some addons that considered the workplane feature already and managed to achieve a nice level of speed and intuitiveness. q_p and QBlocker to name the few. You can also check my NP_station for 2.79 in behavior of the float_box tool…


Also, one thing i noticed immediately, is that exiting from the tool is not so streamlined. My first instinct, the inevitable ESC key on the keyboard seems to work only to some scope, but not all the way.

In inkscape, when in bezier tool, there are two levels of ‘escaping’ and i feel it works excellent. The first escape is the one to stop the immedate action in it’s current state and the second one is to exit the tool and return to default one (select tool).

I tryed to do that with your addon but did not manage it, i had to select another tool to exit from flexi, which i feel it is quite slow and costs time and concentration. Keep in mind users often have their fingers very close to esc key and use it often - you could introduce the second level of escaping for exiting flexi tools alltogether and returning to the one used previously.


One other thing i noticed, could be related to the ‘workplane’ i mentioned and general orientation of the tool drawing system. Although in the ortho view the situation with snapping is a lot clearer, the user (such as i :slight_smile: ) could try to generate beziers in 3D, in relation to existing 3D geometry and their vertices and edges. Right now it is not quite clear to what the tool snaps - as far as i can see, it does not snap to 3D vertices of meshes (although the optional indicator shows detection), or to 3D grid.

It seems the tool snaps to some internal invisible grid that i’m not sure how useful it would be. Perhaps some more integral system could be considered, maybe in relation to workplane i mentioned previously.

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Thank you for this great addon @Khemadeva , I used your script combined with sverchok node that i have made to immitate birails command in blender2.8 [WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects
just a request : is it possible to move multiple curve points ?

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