For Modo user switching to Blender 2.8

That is exactly what I would like.

I was a bit astonished that Blender Selection really works like this (only)
Have never seen that before in 3D Apps. I think Blender offers more
such right click select like oddities …

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Strangely enough, it acts more like Photoshop/Illustrator than anything. They’re also set to select anything that intersects with the marquee.

It is too long since I have last time seen Illustrator.

But I still really do miss much Modo inside Blender.
It is its basically “near” CAD like philosophy in Modeling.

I will never ever get used to C4D’s Add Object style of adding
something of (more or less) arbitrary dimensions at a
(more or less) arbitrary location and “repair” it afterwards.
Versus CAD or Modo’s create an Object in place and at desired
I am also not a big fan of Objects+Modifiers, history based Modeling,
parametric Modeling and even worse Nodes.
I am a real fan of destructive Modeling since Modo - when you have
the Tools to easily modify, as in Modo.

Basics like Selections and Modeling in Modo, once used to, felt right
and was so fast and intuitive.

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I never got the excitement when Modo brought parametric Modeling.
Of course I do love parametric working with Objects like Windows,
Doors, Walls, Slabs in BIM for making changes.
But not parametrically creating such complex objects from scratch.
Exaggerated, but for me that is a bit like doing CAD from Terminal.

Same for excitement for Nodes.
E.g. Materials. Why that extra abstraction of text boxes that look
all similar while each working pretty different, having different 2D
positions on screen each time,
versus a nice ordered Material Editor, which you get used to and
develop some muscle memory.
Modo’s Shader tree was already a bit of (1D) Nodes but I think
it was ok.

I could agree to to go into a Node Manger once the complexity
exceeds the limits of a (simplifying to make it easier to use)
Material Editor, which is already capable of doing 95% of
use cases.

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Another example of my Blender problems is Modo’s Extrude+Inset,
repeatable and at a time.

Or Move/Rotate/Scale.
Seems like most users like to do it by pressing “G”+“Y” and such,
where the Cursors isn’t connected to the Object.
Thank god Blender has a 3D Gizmo, but somehow that does
not work for me as expected either.

Maybe because of Blender’s strange snapping behavior.
You can’t grab a object by snapping at a certain Vertex and drag
it to another snap point (?)
But e.g. with Move by “G”, without Cursor contact, an Object will
arbitrarily move around and snap arbitrarily (for me!) or align
to other objects.

Maybe I am just doing everything wrong.

therefore another easy basic question …

Say i Move “G” someting along an Axis by pressing “Y”,
I want to move it 10 m.

When and how I can input a concrete number/dimension ?

What would be the “timing” and exact “order” for my inputs

Look at Select X-Ray addon, it has such option for box selection (and lasso also).

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It’s depend on your scene units.

  • If units - millimeters
    then G + Y + 10 = moving by Y on 10 mm

  • if units - meters
    then G + Y + 10 = moving by Y on 10 m

You need to choose snap from active vertex

if you need to do it in Object mode then look at CAD Transform addon

If you use Inset face(i keymap) by default it inset but with ctrl holding it extrude.

Another tip:
if you have setup your snap settings, you can use it without activation snap icon, by holding ctrl when moving


Great tips APEC !
I will try.

All yes, but all points tweaked with Blender. Shortcuts, selection an context sensitive tools with kekit. There the bevel works almost like in Modo. It does an inset and when holding ctrl an extrude.

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OK, lets say i default to meters ?

When (or where ?) exactly I should enter 10 ?

on your keyboard after choosing axis.
Hit G, then axis Y, and after axis line is visible type value 10 or -10(minus). That’s it.
You’ll see this

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Now that you said … it works !?
Great :slight_smile:

I did not get that to work … (3.4)
But now it works normally (without active “vertex”)
I think the reason was that I am now accidentally in Blender 3.3 official … !?

No, it was just Face Nearest snapping option also activated
which will corrupt my attempts to snap anything useful …

That looks interesting.
Is this the “official” AddOn that will make Blender look and feel like Modo ?
(I remembered a different name a few years ago but could be wrong)

It looks promising. (Still examining)

I would stick at Blender 3.2.2 for your case. 3.3 has a few bugs, and 3.4 is alpha and that means all you change there can be ruined in beta.
If you need any specific help, just ask. If been in your place last year. What I learned, even if strange, for everything there is a solution. Its just a bit strange and uncomfortable. And to be fair, Blender need to be improved to be more standard.

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Beside kekit AddOn,
how do you usually switch between vertex, edge, face in Edit Mode ?

In edit mode use the 1,2,3 top row numeric keys to switch between the three. Hold down [shift] to activate combined selection modes (for example shift 1,2 activates both vertex and edge mode.

Thank you.

Thanks again.

But now I am asking myself why I would want more edit modes
activated, when I am so limited with Blender’s Selection Marquee …
Usually I would prefer to select Vertices by Marquee.
But touching any Edges or Faces would be added too ?

Another thing about Selection in Edit Mode.

Modo kept the Selection of Face/Edge/Vertex modes,
so you could switch between Modes without losing
selections which I found quite handy.
AFAIK Blender does not (?)

Blender translates selection when you switch to mode.
But it does not keep in memory a selection that would not make sense in chosen mode.

When you have one vertex selected, that does not correspond to an edge. So, switching to edge mode correspond to lost of vertex selected.
But if you have two vertices selected and switch to edge mode, you obtain a selection of corresponding edge.
If you hold Ctrl during the mode switch, you will extend or reduce selection.
So, if you have one vertex selected, then press Ctrl 3, all faces using this vertex will be selected.
If you have 2 adjacent faces selected and press Ctrl 2, only shared edge will be selected.

All selected modes can be used simultaneously by using Shift key.
If you have one vertex selected and press Shift 2 to select edge too, vertex will stay selected.
Vertex and Edge select modes are active, at same time.