Ford Capri

(caz747) #1

Back in the 80s I owned two of these. A black MK2 two litre sport and a red 1600 MK1, the 2.0S has always been my all time favourite of all the cars I have owned.

First proper attempt at a car model and it’s turning out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Struggling to get the roof to look right at the moment, but I think some of the other parts are looking okay.

So the main goal of this project is to make a Capri that Bodie and Doyle would be happy to use for the day job.

Here’s the wires. Not a thing of beauty I must admit but it don’t look too bad once the subsurf is on.

And here it is all smoothed out.

Thought, comments and advice are most welcome.
Thanks for looking.

(caz747) #2

Been making some progress with this one. I thought for a while there that it was going to turn into a cut and shut job as I had to ditch the front end and redo it so the shape was closer to what it should be. I also thought the roof would have to come off but I managed to salvage it in the end.

I’m liking how the RS wheels look. They were mostly used on Escorts back in the day but they look fine on the Capri too.

In case anyone wonders, a cut and shut job was a phrase that was used to describe two smashed up cars that had been welded together to make one car.

Not sure what’s going on here. When I add a subsurf I get this weird wavy black mark around the edge of the windscreen. I have tried a glass and transparent shader for the windows but both have the same problem. It vanishes if the subsurf is turned off.

(caz747) #3

Here’s the latest update. Not perfect but not too bad either.

I solved the issue with the black wavy line round the glass by changing the rubber seal to a separate object. No idea why that works but it does.

Still not that happy with the shape of the roof, more work needed there I think.

Anyway, onto the next phase which will be a Zombie apocalypse version, or, if some of the BS that floating around in the media here in the UK is to be believed, the Brexit apocalypse version.