Fractal extruder [wip]



Hello everyone!
Some years ago I tried to get a way to make a polygon extrusion based on Lindenmayer system rules,
I recently switched to blender and I found that was possible also with my limited scripting training to get this kind of operator… So here it is:
2.80 (8.9 KB)
(mesh menu)

2.79 (8.3 KB)
(mesh tool -> fractal extruder)


  • select 1 active face
  • once operator is active it creates a new object linked to the face index ( every time the operator act on the same face it overwrites the relative fractal obj)

Reserved instructions:

‘F’ grow a segment forward
‘S’ overwrite the scale parameter in progression

‘&’ ‘^’ -> +X -X
‘+’ ‘-’ -> +Y -Y
‘|’ -> +180° Y
‘\’ ‘/’ -> +Z -Z
(I tried to make it similar to Houdini Lsystem)

to insert the rules:

  1. use ‘:’ to specify a rule ex. A:FFB
  2. use a space to separate rules ex. A:+FB B:-FC
  3. use ‘[’ ‘]’ to create a branch ex A:F+[FBA]+[FCA]

let me know if it could be of some use or fun…

PS - if there are anyone interested to help me develop this addon is welcome!
PPS - other crazy scripts incoming…

(1pepe) #2

:grin: crazy, man!

(uruburei) #3

very good. Do you intend to make version 2.8?


Yes, I’ll wait for the 2.8 stable, meanwhile I’ll try to improve the code, I would like to include also some presets for organic archetype, ecc…
I’m working on a pathfinder algorithm right now…

(kabu) #5

wow, cool! :building_construction::building_construction::building_construction:

(1pepe) #6

If you find the way to convert this on a kind of sculpting brush, (for example apliying the script to the poligons selected by the brush with graduation of stregth) it would be a very interesting addon that you could sell, there is not a lot of things on bio inspired modelling on todays 3D soft.


Nice, i like the standard mathematical L-system UI…

:sunglasses: maybe you could join forces with Tissue [add-on] developer (for UI and some more)?

(warnotte) #8

Very cool.

(1pepe) #9

very interesting


Some kind of workflow, being the fractal object a polyline mesh with a skin modifier the armature is self generate…
An insect basically is a A-B-C pattern so the axiom ABC ->


Then some posing with the auto IK:

Just some emissive materials and here the 100% lsystem extruded blendigrade ->

(ProstkaLutz) #11

I LOVE L-Systems! Haven’t played with them in years, really going to have fun with this. A long time ago I tried to implement one inside of POV-Ray, which sort of worked. Kudos for bringing more organic awesomeness to Blender!


Thank you and good to know! I need some feedbacks about improvements!

Initially I tried to do somethink like that into modo, but I lacked the skin modifier!
The main concept is to get a fast way to generate Lsystem extrusion without break the direct modelling workflow, so I would keep it a modelling operator…
Since the overwriting rules are easily reusable I would try to get a preset database shared also with the animation node Lsystem generator, this is easy to obtain using text data to define axiom and rules…
So I’m going to add a load text rules button once I figured out how to do.

Yes, I think I ll add two other option:
1 translate the extrusion in a lsystem animation node setup ( and uniform the rules sintax accordingly)
2 a sort of brush to deploy the extrusion on the surface with auto remesh ( in a dyntopo sculting workflow)


2.8 version ready and seem to work fine!
I found some problems with new layer system: at moment the fractal objects ID linking is broken
I’ll fix it as soon as I understand how to do it…