tissue by Alessandro Zomparelli

Tessellate tool allows you to copy a selected object (Component) on the faces of the active object (Generator), adapting its bounding box to the shape of quad-faces. Once the Tessellate button was pressed, then more options will appear in the Operator parameters.Update allows you to update the active the Tessellated mesh according to Component and Generator changes. You can also change the parameters of tessellation.


thanks a lot, so much fun !!

nice one! will try it out as soon as possible, many thanks for releasing it. :slight_smile:

Very cool addon, well done! I tried it now, here is what I made.

However it needs lots of experimentation to see what you can make. :slight_smile:

Wow, really nice addon!

Nice looking add on.

I’ve been playing a bit with this addon and it’s frankly amazing how greatly it works to generate surfaces !
Thank you very much for sharing your work, it’s very useful.

Wow , great addon , thanks for sharing.

Thank you Raziel for sharing, and thanks you guys for compliments.
I hope that you find it useful. Please test it and post results and bugs :wink:


This is pretty cool. Not exactly sure how I’ll use it practically yet, but it is pretty awesome :slight_smile:

Really good stuff Alessandro, thank you for sharing this!

There is an even more impressive image of the add-on in action on the facebook page linked from your wiki (the hexagonal lizard-y thing for lack of better words :)), I believe you should put that front and center :yes:

Love it. Did some experimentation with the tool, and I feel that with more time, I will be able to create some amazing stuff. Here’s a screenshot of what I did in short 2 minutes. So many possibilities!

thanks. this addon is like micro mesh from zbrush.

Do you mean this?

Segiopt, I didn’t know this zbrush feature, thank you for this information, I’ll study it :wink:

Wow. I actually meant this:

But still, wow :eyebrowlift:

Beautiful and useful in so many different ways. Thank you :slight_smile:

ah ok!
In this case I used a different workflow. I generated the base mesh with displace and decimate (with vertex group for get density variation), then I used Dual Mesh for create polygonal texture based on tris/quad faces, and then I used some other modifiers, like wireframe :wink:

My idea is to show how to use Dual Meshes for creating surfaces with a biodigital aesthetics useful for architecture, creature design, hi-tech design, ecc…

wow, this would be quite amazing as a modifier in blender ! :slight_smile:

It’s like array or duplivert on steroids.

Let me just chime in and say “Holy cow, this looks useful!” :smiley: