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Volume Cube node

[Bf-blender-cvs] [838c4a97f1d] master: Geometry Nodes: new Volume Cube node

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:gear: D15198 Geometry Nodes: Volume Cube node (

In short, this has a potential to be an extremely powerful tool, as you can create things that are otherwise difficult to do with traditional tools (like sponges and Swiss cheese). I have an image that contains a lot of cheese done with booleans, but it would’ve been much better if this node existed back then.


It’s possible to access custom properties in shader nodes :

Super useful !


Woah, thanks for showing this, I had no idea it was possible without creating drivers or python scripts every time!

This sure makes a lot of things simpler!


can those be accessed in geonodes?

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No. Would be nice to avoid storing them on each Vertex as @Zorro_Weaver mentioned.

But this object level storing may be a better fit for the once planned collection nodes.


Looks like we could benefit from reading/writing per scenes/objects attributes :slight_smile: Houdini can do that


Sadly, not at the moment, but it would be interesting to have for sure at some point !
I think it’s a bit beyond the scope of “geometry” in geometry nodes, but having these shortcuts would be awesome. At some point it would be great to be able to manipulate things on object level or mesh level in the same tree.

@Zorro_Weaver ,
It’s very powerful but a bit of a work to manage. For materials, you add a material to an object then you need to create the custom props. I’ve made some scripts to automatically generate these properties based on the materials, and it allows to do basic management over these properties.

Something similar would be needed to have a good workflow being either in shader or GN.

The last thing I’d like to mention, is that you can set the Attribute Node to Instancer rather than Object, and then it will work on both objects and instanced collection. You add the custom props to the empty / instance collection, that is also super useful when you link collection from other files and want control over the materials, without breaking the links with overrides.


I am absolutely loving the new volume cube node in 3.3. It really smashes a lot of limitations we had before, and makes things like metaballs and shape blending possible.

It even makes remeshing semi-possible (to an extent):

Left: using raycast to set density inside mesh
Right: Remesh modifier

It could use some smoothing, but the attribute blur node should take care of that.


As someone who hasn’t switched yet (a few crucial addons hadn’t been updated at release), could you show an example of the nodes? I’m curious how you’re using the raycast, and what it’s doing exactly. The result clearly speaks for itself, looks like a far better option for watertight voxel remeshes!


You can take the dot product of the ray direction, and the hit normal to find all voxels within a mesh. Keep in mind that you may need to do this multiple times with different directions and add them together, as it doesn’t always catch everything.

This proximity setup might be better for this purpose, as it lets you set a custom threshold, and looks smoother overall:


Also, I found it looks smoother when you use the size setting on the volume to mesh node. I’m not exactly sure why, but my guess is that there is some interpolation going on.


Hi, anybody has an idea how to distribute instances with some offset from the edge of an atrribute? (in the areas marked red)

For example if you want to generate instances specific for forests (larger group of trees = not around single ones).