GLB Texture Tools - Lightmapping, Batch Image Scale, Quick Export

I was working on a new add-on that helps you get your scene ready for web export, but you might also find it useful for other tasks as cleaning up your scene or reducing file size.

Check out our website to see what’s possible using the add-on in combination with our Govie Editor :

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Govie Tools

  • live preview for GLB export
  • define the visibility of objects and object groups
  • animation overview for naming and organization
  • annotation overview for quick text editing
  • conversion of particle systems to animation
  • Check and clean objects for mesh defects
  • simplified access to export settings

GLB Texture Tools

  • dynamic scaling of textures
  • conversion of any node setup into PBR materials
  • UV tools for multi-UV layer editing
  • auto-generation of AO- and Lightmaps
  • cleanup tools for mesh, material, and texture cleaning




Here are a few examples, where the Add-ons were used to produce interactive content :



Human Heart


Outdoor Shoe



Complex Machine


The Govie Plattform is currently free to use, so you can create your own content and easily share it with your customers.

Govie Editor Account


Great, but that can be more than an improvement for GLB, maybe is useful for baking complex texturing for other type of exporting like obj FBX and more. with more option when you choose the file type to exporting.

Do you have a good name suggestion for the addon ? Is it usefull for you ?

Yeah that can be useful not only for me but for others, for now I haven’t enough time to test. but in the future when I have done some work maybe I use, but now I’m working in CAD Field with Blender and I don’t do texturing oin the objects much. In fact I usually share my models into glb in order to be visualized in CAD Assistant.

For the name the best thing I have in mind is GLB Tex-Tools-Optimizer maybe with an acronym is fine.
But I don’t know what type.

Did you try out the quick export and the live preview included in the Govie tools? That usually helps me to see and check my glb files quickly. My viewer has some of the blender environments so you can quickly compare the model in blender with the GLB without needing to open a gltf viewer, open your folder and dragging the file in the browser. It’s now just one click and you can add custom properties to set the visibility of objects in the viewer. This way you can inspect parts inside. Using Govie you could also create a presentation like the ones in the examples, generate a share link and send it to you customers.

No I have no yet try friend, for now I am engaged in CAD models and technical drawings with Blender and the textures are unimportant I use basic materials.
here the link on some examples of what kind of works

Hello I’ buy your Addon I’m working on a project I’hope it can be useful

Hi! Your addon works wonders! But I’m having a couple of issues.

First, it’s just a minor thing, but it could be an improvement. Currently the addon creates a “tex” folder for textures, and the standard name for a textures folder is “textures” when unpacking textures from blender for example, so if one already have some textures unpacked ends up with two folders, and have to tidy up things moving textures, relinking them in the blend file, etc. I think it would be better to directly create the folder with the “textures” name.

Then, I’m trying to bake textures from the extreme pbr addon and the resulting new material it’s not being generated correctly as in your screenshot, there are some leftovers, as you can see in this screenshot:

I’m using blender 2.82a.

edit: Also, it would be really useful to be able to select the export format to jpg or 16bit png

I uploaded a new version where you can choose an output format. Also textures are saved as you recommend.

Cleaning up the node tree is the next goal.

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Was it useful? Do you have any suggestions on how to optimise the Addon?

A new version is out that has some major improvements.

added new AI based Lightmapper and automatic node generator for AO and Lightmaps

remove unused nodes after pbr bake

added lots of baking settings including automatic uv unwarp and packing for generating atlases for multiple objects

texture panel now shows all images of all materials on all selected objects and lets you scale all texture in the list at once.

also added an option to “Show all Textures” in Scene

selected texture gets syched with uv image editor


you can now choose the output format of the generated images and go back to the original image by setting size to original

updated help


Cleaning up the node tree should work now, please let me know if you have any problems

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Wow great! Thank you! Those features are extremely useful.

Can I use this addon to bake all the lighting and textures in a simple archviz scene so it can run in real-time?

yes, thats the plan

but it depends on the real time environment (web->three js, babylon, playcanvas ; game->unity, unreal) how to import the environment map later

if you write me a pm I can assist you if you want

How are we getting along with the Addon? if you experience visible seams after baking you need to choose a higher margin for UV and the bake because the AI Denoiser tends to blur the black area of the image. currently there is no other workaround. Also right now the light maps are being plugged into the emission because I can use that channel with a second UV in three.js. I will add an option to multiply it with the base colour to see the final result in blender.

Thanks for checking in. I have had some trouble with visible seams.

Is it possible to select multiple objects to bake them at once and not have them all bake to the same image?

No, the add-on generates an atlas for all selected objects and bakes a texture with the name you enter. Why do you want to bake an own lightmap texture for each object ? Performance whise it’s better to have just one texture for mulitple objects to reduce draw calls.

That makes sense. But my scene currently has 244 objects. Many can me merged, but not all. Baking them all individually will get tedious.

You don’t need to merge anything, just shift select the ones you want to bake, choose lightmap or ao and click bake textures. Make sure to check unwrap. But as I said, this will create just one lightmap for all selected objects. You can start another lightmap for other groups of objects. I will make a shot video this week to make it clear