Hard Ops Thread

Hi ! Just wanted to tell you that the icons for Union and Difference should be the other way around in the Boolean Menu
Screenshot 2020-03-18 19.16.07
Also i asked if there was a way to get the colored icon back but you probably didn’t see. (Or at least have the icon files separatly to replace the black and white)

Concerning the slice feature, would it be possible to make an option to only copy a certain volume around the slicer? Currently, as it copies the full mesh, the blend file size can get big pretty quickly.
As an alternative (or other feature), would be nice to have a “Linked Slice” function, that instead of making a simple duplicate of the mesh, makes a Linked Duplicate.
In addition to save disk space, it would allow to edit several part at once.
I know that it would require a lot of work on the Smart Apply to handle the linked duplicate case though.

Have a nice day !

ill see about the icons. I know they still exist somewhere. But it might be time to bring color back.

Efficiencies with slice can be checked into. Ill send it to the team.

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Hey guys, I have some quick nooby question about hardops/boxcutter

First and foremost… How can I use Hardops to create shapes with irregular curves? (im trying to turn 2D letters / callifgrafy into 3D shapes I can work with (with Hardops and boxcutter)

I know I can use the bevel to to get nice symmetrical circular curves (like left picture)…but what if I want a shape like this (right picture)

The way I make it know… is to create the shape with a curve, then extrude, then convert to mesh… But that leaves me with horrible topology, which doesnt work well with Hardops or Boxcutter.

Or I can use a shape as a boolean to cut out the curve in a square…but that also doesnt work well…

My other way is to start with a cube and then extrude it get the basic shape…but Then I dont know how to get a nice smooth curve. I know I can use subsurf…but im looking for a way to avoid using subsurf.

So how would I create a shape like this, the proper way with hardops?

And secondly…If my main shape has a big bevel, how do I get my cut to have a small bevel? When I cut a shape…it takes over the main bevel, but I dont know how to convert this into a smaller bevel…
Or should I always start with a small bevel and use extra bevels to make them bigger if I need too?


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box cutter is very angular :slight_smile: when I want to do something more “curvie” I cut with custom shape and old shift to keep my cutter active and go on edit mode then add bevel. this is the only way I now :confused:
but I agree, a curve mode or grase pencil cut will be awesome :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply Kouza!
I have tried your method…and that kinda works…but whenever I want to cut a shape into the curved part… its doesnt really work… It only cuts a part of the shape i drew… Do you know why this is?

To retopo your curve, you can use Boundary Aligned Remesher.
Otherwise, you can dissolve the interior edges, selected the resulting faces and do an inset to get a perimeter loop.
Other solution, use a remesher. Best result is to be obtained with QuadRemesher, but it’s 60$, but really does a nice job.
Give a try to OptiLoop too i guess.

Edit: As for the issue when carving curved surface, it often happens when the cutting gets too close to an edge. Check by disabling the bevel modifier. If you hole looks good, that’s it.


You can cut in curved part but you need to put your surface mode to “view” and not “object” and cut in orthographic view for better result.

we have multiple draw types planned but curve, freehand, redacted, redacted will each require a degree of planning so in time curve cutting will come back. I want cute handles this time instead of points but we’re always pondering it. Also I tend to make shapes with ngon and use sub-d / bevel to round areas if needed. Also you can make any mesh a custom cutter if needed but curvature does tend to get complex rather quickly and with a bevel thrown into the mid a degree of planning and efficiency is needed.

When it comes to bevel. https://hardops-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/bwidth/#bevel-sorting
Next update should further streamline the stepping process making it even easier to go to another level.

That shape?
Something like that.

Or that.

When in doubt I fallback to classic modelling tools to help out but the current boxcutter is a rewrite of the previous one so curve will take some time.

Stepping bevels is done a couple of ways. You can ctrl + click difference to do a sort bypass cut which ignores the current bevel and add an additional bevel level by ctrl + shift + clicking bevel to add a level at 60 degrees which is easier to not catch the existing bevels.

Alternatively step supports non-destructive workflows. So it will add a new bevel at half the level of the previous bevel. That can be easier.

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Thank you very much @masterxeon1001 for the elaborate answer. I will test all this out tomorrow when I have the time and Ill get back to you I have any problems with this

In the mean time, I have an additional question… Its regarding performance of boxcutter and hardops

In a simple cube scene, just the default cube… I notice that after a few cuts, the interface becomes sluggish…menu icons not popping up, menu’s lagging before i can see them.

And the cuts themsselves take a couple of seconds to appear, and even longer to extrude or cut. Do you have any idea what this might cause ? I have not changed the default addon settings. Is there a guide to optimize perfomance for the add on?

I have a decent system, so that shouldnt be the problem…
CPU: Ryzen threadripper 2950X
Motherboard: X399 DESIGNARE EX
Ram: GSkills 64GB
SSD/HDD: 3x Samsung Evo 970 - 1TB / 3x WD HDD 2TB (raid)
GPU: GeForce GTX1080Ti
PSU: corsair HX1000
OS: Windows Home 10 - 64 Bit

and also the latest versions of the Nvidia Studio drivers, blender, and Hops addon

for now apply boolean is there to help.

if the pc cant handle it you might need pause mode.

As far as icons loading it is dependent on blender itself. I usually give the icons a few seconds to pop up generally. But blender is capable of bugging out with icons depending on viewport activity or what is being loaded.

I dont know about that processor but I had to stop messing with AMD. too many demons. Im using an i7 nuc most of the day and its performing adequately. But mods and blender add additional overhead that must be taken into consideration as well. But when a scene gets too dense I typically apply. and if its still slow I use pause mode.

This is a typical load on my i7

this bug with lazorcut is really annoying. Basically I cant cut anything that is slightly above world origin


it’ll be checked into. We’ll see what can be done for the next release. Looks like you’ll have to walk the cutter there or use surface in the meantime.

update: we’re on the case…

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What about this one?

hi Masterxeon
I have a little bug I think on edit mode when I try to make box (i have a delta), no big deal it’s just for notify

always work to be done i see. Noice. Thanks for the video. We’ll get it!

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sent up the chain. Seems easy why not.


So are you saying you want to touch them? Cause currently we do not.

i am pretty sure we will have that fixed in the next major release. Thanks for everyone pointing out these little nuances…

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When mirroring(Alt+X) object across another one or empty, Flip U option turning on automatically

last version

ah 2 object. Ill check into it.


Here is an example of the issue happening again, I’m not making small cuts, the scale of that object is over a meter. Any idea why it can be happening?