Hats Off: @Swirlyking - A blender in Blender [RECREATION]

Hats Off is intended to be (I hope) a serie of posts where I will try to recreate other artists scenes I have seen in this forum that have caught my attention. They could include small variations and a personal touch. I do this as exercises to improve my Blender skills.

Before posting I always contact the original artist asking for consent to do this.

All of them will include:

  • A clear title with the original author and the name of the original scene
  • The name of the artist
  • A link to his/her scene in this forum
  • The images of what I have been able to recreate
  • Some comments about the problems and thoughts I have found in my try

Author: Swirlyking
Scene: A blender in blender: A blender in Blender

Here is my recreation:

Some details I would like to comment:

  • I havent been able to figure out how has he modelled the cable with that rubber band and its natural pose. So I did my best, but Im not happy with the result.

  • The glass. Oh! the glass. Spect always a headache with glasses and reflections and glossy and transparency. My glass is cheated. Let me know what do you think about it.

  • Im specially happy with the orange juice. I think it looks nice.

  • I have not included the cloth. After some tries with the physics and the cloth modifier I’ve got a decent result but not good enought. So I decided to not include it because its not releveant in my opinion.

  • The handler of the jar has been a little pain. Modelled from the metal piece, problems come to me when not using Global axis.

Hope you like the idea behind “Hats off”.

All comments and critics are welcome.


Very nice! Love the colors. I think you could have pushed it even further with some micro-surface detail and grunge. Finger prints, roughness differences, or a wet cleaning rag leaving streaks.

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Thanks! The idea is to recreate respecting the original scene. But perhaps I will work in an “used” version of it. :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you very much @bartv !

I must share this honor with @Swirlyking :slight_smile: