Help: How to Restore Hair Particles after Deleting unwanted faces?

Help: How to Restore Hair Particles after Deleting unwanted faces?

Hey guys, So i was modeling a character and then i put hair particles on it by duplicating the head and deleting some faces to only form the scalp. Then i added hair particles on the scalp. But then, i did not notice that there are some faces (particularly at the chin area) that i haven’t deleted. When I deleted those faces and switched back to editing the hair particles, the particles looked disoriented like they are all over the place. Is there any way to restore their look?

Thanks in advance

Hey, you could convert the particle system to mesh in order to keep the guides. Then delete the particle system and the faces you want to get rid of. You can recover your guides using hairnet add-on afterwards.
Hope this helps, hair in blender is particularly cumbersome.

Edit: you can also use this script to recover your guides.

The script can be used for this task, but it might be over kill, as it is intended to transplant hair from one object to another. When you are just updating the topology of a mesh and stick to one object, then the following should do as well:

  1. Disconnect all hair systems from the object
  2. Make the topological changes
  3. Connect the hair systems again

Note: This is only possible if you haven’t edited it yet, otherwise you will have to use the script and copy the hair from an older version.

thanks bro. love the add on.

thanks bro