Help: Is there an Add-On that let's you import .max file into Blender?

I don’t have a 3ds max software so there’s no way of converting the .max to an .obj that is recognized by blender. How do i import the .max into blender without using 3ds max? i heard there was an add-on way back with 2.62 version but i can’t find the .py file on the internet now?

Have you tried the [[BMAX] Blender<->3DSMax Connector which can be found at the following thread.

Max is a proprietary format. you can not read it from another platform without authorizations. So, in one word. No
You have to export it from 3DSMax software. In Fbx file format for example…or whatever exporter it haves.

Send me the file. I can convert it for you

hi there, sorry for the late reply. here are my max files1-131111131318 max.rar (1.3 MB) 39950.526d955bd901d (1.7 MB) 46463.5279567f9ead3 max.rar (41.1 KB) hearth_shaped_pillow_fur (214.8 KB) (692.4 KB)

AllinOne.rar (1.2 MB) pillows.rar (3.3 MB)

Here you are. Splitted into 2 blend files

thanks very much :slight_smile: