Her Majesty's Zeppelins

Fantastic! Love this great work!

This is excellent work Spelle ! … Oh, and Steam Punk rules OK !! :cool:

Wow! Very impressive!

Wow… It really amazes me how people can make so complex scenes with Blender. This kind of inspires me to complete my unfinished Steampunk aircraft model :smiley:

This is incredible! The graphics are so insane! Much kudos! This is completely magnificent :smiley:

I love the painterly look that’s difficult to get in 3D. Nice steampunk work.

Work of art
the video also blew my socks off
you guy have so much talent

biautifull compo ! wow :wink:

You, sir, are an inspiration :o

Amazing. If some1 asks, why to learn blender in first place … show your image!

Respect you… :slight_smile:

Nothing but romance

Well Done, Good effort

Amazing, would love to see some kind of sketch …(if its not already in the threath)

Fantastic! I really like the use of imagination here. Beautiful work!

I can only agree with all previous comments; good work!

That’s really great work. Love the effects!

I love contemporary art. I might not be perfect with my medical paintings…lol, but I really love keeping nice paintings around

Super cool. Loving this already.

This reminded me awaiting game The order 1886. Absolutely amazing :slight_smile: