Is there a way to save any type of selection in a group?

lets say I want to select that again…because I dont know…i want to add something…but I dont want to do it all over again…its possible?

also…I tried vertices group but no luck…

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This (very useful) addon by Stan_Pancakes has an option save selections and some other great tools.

its the blender-mesh-connect addon? or something else?

No it is an addon of its own called “Forgotten tools”, there is a link to download it at the end of the first post in the thread.

Why doesn’t a vertex group work? This is exactly what they are for. Either you have encountered a bug or you aren’t using vertex groups correctly.

From your screen shot above you have made a group and selected some faces. Now click ‘assign’ and those faces will be in the group. Then you can use the ‘select’ and ‘deselect’ buttons for them. To add to the group use the ‘select’ button to select the current faces, then select more so all desired faces are selected, then click ‘assign’. A similar process will remove stuff from group.

yea…its because the word vertexes confuses me…it should be named…faces…or…everything, why just vertices? anyways…let me try. thx.

Yes a vertex group also works, the addon also saves face and edge selections.
Edit: if you select the top and bottom faces of a cube and save it as a vertex group when you recall the vertex group it would select all the faces (not just top and bottom) so in this case the addon is better.
It would be good to have face and edge groups as well as vertex groups.

ok thcx I downloaded, will test it later, thx.

The Select Panel add-on also allows to save Vertex Groups: Select panel