I've been out of Blending for 5 years! Which tuts can get me up to speed for new important features?

I used to work with blender full time for many years…

Then i switched carries to become a frontend developer…

I want to use blender for modeling some stuff… i can still do most things im just a bit rusty with shortcuts and so…

So… which tutorials or videos would you recommend to get up to speed to cool and important features that where added in the last years?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I dont think you can go wrong with any of Blender Guru tutorials.

However you are in a weird spot, in the next few months Blender 2.8 will be official and a lot of things are changing. So anything you learn now will be changed with the next update.

So all the tutorials now will get you wup to speed with 2.79 and below, but there is not much out there for 2.8 yet.

Depends what kind of modeling you are looking to do.
Anything organic, go Sculpting. I recommend using Dyntopo Mode. The tools are very few and super easy more or less. The workflows are divers. Bottom line, it’s all about your artistic sculpting skills.

Hard Surface, start watching then buy and test your favorites:
Creative Bundle Add-on

Start with videos that are most recent, as all of these addons are in constant rapid development. Check their Youtube channels.

All of these addons do similar things that were piloted by masterxeon1001 (the man behind HardOps), but each of them have unique twists and workflows.

Tutorials, I’d recommend:
Hard-surface Modeling in Blender by Gleb Alexandrov and Aidy Burrows

As icyou520 had mentioned, it’s bit of a transitioning time in blender. A lot is about to (officially) change real soon. Having said that, any learned skills are easy translatable. I’m quite positive that all of these addons are gonna be among the first to be released on 2.8, so that translates as well.

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This is really not true for MESHmachine. Thanks for the mention though!
MM is focused on adding to Blenders arsenal of mesh modeling and normal tools and introduces a number of innovative tools, not seen before anywhere. For a detailed overview, check out the documentation.

The others have different approaches to modifier based modeling(bevel, boolean, etc) and tend to focus on keeping the mods live. They are not mesh modeling tools.

Shoutout to BoxCutter which is missing in that list.

As for 2.80, I’m working on the port of DECALmachine right now.

one of the best tuts ever :slight_smile:
for sure this tut will help get back

Ah, I had a feeling I was gonna get slapped on the wrist by one of you guys for saying the addons were very similar. :slight_smile:

MACHIN3, I stand corrected, I apologize.
BTW, I bought MESHmachine quite some time ago, but did not have time to tinker with it. FInally my schedule allowed, love it! Still just scratched the surface. Thanks on creating that gem! You’ve got a fan over here.

It’s turned some heads in the studio I’m at!

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