Kawasaki KI-100

So, I created this WWII fighter model 6 or 7 years ago, and recently I started to redoing it, in order to practice hard-surface modeling.

This is the engine, a radial engine Ha-112-II (acording to mi research)

Despite the lack of good references I feel satisfied.


nice work
how many pistons are there ?

wiki seems to show it was only 14 pistons !

are you going to do the back part ?

happy bl

That is mindblowing. The materials look awesome and the realism of that is so high that I thought its a reference photo at first.

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Outstanding work. Cylinder heads are (for me) really tricky geometry. Your materials are great too.

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That’s correct 14 cilinders in two rows, and the back part its a tricky one because can’t find good references.

This looks awesome! Would love to see some wireframe shots.

This is the frontal control panel. I guess that the most dificult part was to know what the labels says.
It was made a couple of months before the engine.


Great work on the engine and instrument panel. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the aircraft.

Really hard to find good references for Japanese aero engines of WWII so you’ve done really well to recreate it. They certainly are complicated pieces of machinary.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Stunning! Personally all the dials and icons would make me go crazy to create them


I been working on my model and aparently the mesh it’s done and i have basic material for the body. Right now I’m workin on rivets and panels everything don with bump maps and the paint job (I need to find good references wich is dificult). At the same time created a rig to control ailerons, flaps rotor and land gear.

So maybe soon will start in a little animation or final renders.


Amazing work! incredible.

So, I’ve been working on panels, rivets and refining the texture. I’ve always liked the rusty metal look so I tried to achieve that result. The texture is prodecural and the decoration (labels and paint patterns) was done in photoshop.


Very very impressive work. Great attention to detail!

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Awesome, reminds me more to the “sentinels” from the Matrix as an engine.
Masterpiece of crafting !
Masterpiece of rendering !

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nice man, keep it up

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