keKit for Blender (2.8+)

There are already at least two addons for that :wink:

Yeah those 2 have far too many options, also one of them is no longer supported. Just a toggle to X-ray on a press or click drag event would be nice to have. Nothing too crazy :slight_smile:

There is a custom build, with something that is intended to become part of blender by default.
It is basically done as far as I can tell. Actuallly shipping this could happen next week, or next year. Or Never. Very hard to tell.
In the mean time: I use one of the existing add-ons, works well enough for me.


I have been using the custom build for Blender 3.1. It works better than the X-ray selection addon imo.

100% agree.
The same for me - BorderOcclusion addon works just great

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I still use that one as well ( i just hacked the mode toggle-icon placement a bit, couldn’t see it otherwise. tho i never use box select anyways)

edit: there is a “bug” tho - when you use BO-deselect, and dont actually deselect anything, sometimes (100% repro for me) xray mode “sticks”. The way the script works it is not much one can do about it code wise. not usually a problem, but JFYI. edit: probably due to me using a very old version.

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Yeah, I also used only one mode mostly. Until I figured out that I should assign it a shortcut :laughing:

Oh wow didn’t know about that, hopefully it does eventually make it to the master.

APEC seems to have fixed X-ray selection tools (haven’t tested it).

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where can i download the addon for blender 2.81?

You should really update to Blender 3.2 if possible. It has received over two years worth of performance improvements and new features.

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its running too slow for my laptop, which is why i need it for 2.81.

Could the viewport bookmarks be saved across scenes? Currently, I need to save a view position in each scene (so I can render the viewport).

I do not maintain a 2.8 version anymore, however, a lot of the kit might work anyway. Not tested and not supported though ;>

Not as the op is designed. Maybe you can use a workaround: by using a camera, matching the view, keyframing it, and then using that in other scenes. Not sure though.

well, except for copy pasting the vp bookmark text field to a text editor ;>

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Allright. Switching scenes and hit bookmark is easy enough. I can always retrieve a saved bookmark from another scene as the viewport is unaffected by scene changes.
As for cameras, they can be linked across scenes.

E: Text editor copy paste, that’s also a smart workaround. :wink:

@Kiellog Hey, thanks for the addon. Found a lot of really usefull functions :slight_smile:
I wonder is this just too hard to implement or, maybe, its even impossible because of some API restrictions or something, to make default blender snapping works when you place “end” in Linear array?

Well, I either have to “re-implement” all the snapping modes, or do a modal-hack with an empty (or something like that)…and I dont want to do either ;> So, unlikely to happen.

Hey Kjell,
Regarding SubD Toggle. Could you please add option for preserving Auto Smooth state(check mark perhaps)? Similar to standard clicking on/off on the Subdivision modifier:

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subd autosmooth option- Yes, will be added in next release.

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