LuxCoreRender v2.3

Also, while the auto-convert tool for Cycles materials is useful, I would recommend building the scene up with some new materials, especially for the troublesome ones.

LuxCore often has far simpler node setups required to achieve similar results, while conversion I believe tries to replace Cycles nodes with LuxCore nodes, which can be suboptimal.

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I placed an open box with a matte black finish over my roof and over my floor and now I have no light bleed. A workaround but it worked perfectly. And with all my light settings including luxcore light groups, and my sun and sky set to .1 my scene looks pretty good. Try those settings in a render and see what kind of result you get and then post some ways to improve it. Thanks for all the help I have been given.

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We have two new example scenes for you:

The good old LuxBall:

And some examples for usage of the pointiness feature, by Egert Kanep:


is Lux now using OIDN?

Since a few months, yes.

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i have a question, how should the color management be set? Default is Filmic (which i like) but not sure it breaks something in luxcore because it seems tonemapping is set in the camera, rather then on a global level. What seems to be default in the camera is “linear” atm.

Quick caustics test. I hope 2.3 is out soon :slight_smile:


You can use what you like, filmic works fine with LuxCore.
Blender’s color management is applied after LuxCore’s tonemapping.


Ok thanks.
I love the results luxcore produces, it reminds me of Corona, I really wish there was a official plugin of Corona for Blender and not just the community made on that lacks a lot of stuff.
Luxcore is really fast in F12 render in OpenCL pathtracing, especially for interior renders.
However, the viewport preview is too slow for me to use in production for the work I do. Its incredibly slow compared to using cycles + CUDA. Are there any plans on improving this? :slight_smile:

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What kind of work do you do?
Can you show some screenshots of such a scene and the slow viewport render?

Is it anyway possible? Viewport rendering is (or can be) slower than F12? If yes, can this be improved?

To what kind of slow are you referring to?
Is it slow to start rendering?
After it starts rendering, it takes a long time to clear up?
Which device are you using for viewportv (CPU/OpenCL)? You can check that under Viewport Settings > Advanced
You can also increase the pixel size to make it faster. (also under advanced)

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Not complaining or anything, just curious, but why on MacOS you only support up to version 2.1?

We’re currently missing a MacOS maintainer :pensive:

Also, if after installing, trying to check the box next to LuxCoreRender, I get some crazy Python stack traces ending in “ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found, bl_ui.properties_render_layer” - is there a fix for that?

Can you post the errors here?
Which Blender version are you using?
And which build did you download?

Maybe you have installed the version for Blender 2.79 in Blender 2.80 or vice versa?
If not, it would be good to know your exact Blender version (daily build?) and the BlendLuxCore package you downloaded.

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Ah, ok.
v2.2 is the first version to support Blender 2.80, so macOS users will have to wait for someone to create a macOS package of v2.2 before they can use LuxCore in Blender 2.80.

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Maybe the conversation here helps a bit.
Unfortunately we lack a detailed step-by-step guide for compiling on macOS. For the other operating systems the guides are located here:

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