LuxCoreRender v2.3

Also, while the auto-convert tool for Cycles materials is useful, I would recommend building the scene up with some new materials, especially for the troublesome ones.

LuxCore often has far simpler node setups required to achieve similar results, while conversion I believe tries to replace Cycles nodes with LuxCore nodes, which can be suboptimal.

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I placed an open box with a matte black finish over my roof and over my floor and now I have no light bleed. A workaround but it worked perfectly. And with all my light settings including luxcore light groups, and my sun and sky set to .1 my scene looks pretty good. Try those settings in a render and see what kind of result you get and then post some ways to improve it. Thanks for all the help I have been given.

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We have two new example scenes for you:

The good old LuxBall:

And some examples for usage of the pointiness feature, by Egert Kanep:


is Lux now using OIDN?

Since a few months, yes.

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