LuxCoreRender v2.5

Hi, is there any plans for a faloff node analogue in the corona renderer?

hi! Are blender’s volume objects supported in lux core?

No, not yet.

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Does anyone know what the eta is for Luxcore to be working in 2.93+?

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I don’t know for sure but I’ve got the impression it wont be supported until LuxCore 2.6. So it’ll take quite a while.

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Hi, I tested thois with Luxcore 2.6 Beta and it still only work in Blender 2.92.
As Blender 2.93 is comming next week I guess the Beta would be updated then.

Cheers, mib


I’ve just downloaded 2.5 and I agree that it generally looks much better than Cycles, especially because I’m particularly into refractions and caustics and so on. My problem is that, in Cycles, I use a lot of procedural textures that I make using the texture coordinates and a load of math nodes, and I can’t find a way to do anything like that in LuxCore. Am I missing something obvious? Just the ability to split and recombine vectors, as you can with RGB, would be great.


Afaik those limitations are real. If you don’t intend to animate your textures you can always make them in Cycles and bake them for use in Luxcore. Its worth noting that the long term goal is to make most/all Cycles nodes be interpretable by Luxcore. Past that I think there has been talk of moving the Luxcore specific nodes to the Cycles nodegraph entirely. So it’ll be possible eventually!


Is there any real downfall in using cycles materials? Besides the nodes that are not working.

Potentially some materials may be more complicated in their node setup in Cycles, then what is necessary to achieve the same in LuxCore. This could have a negative performance impact on rendering.

Plus it never hurts to learn how the lighting setup works in LuxCore :slight_smile:


Hi, just for information, the actual Luxcore Beta 2.6 from Github is not working with Blender 2.92/2.93. The team is changing the BlendLuxcore addon to Blender 2.93.

We are in the middle of the transition.

Be patient, the next version 2.6 have new and extended features, mib


Hi, Blender 2.92 is working again with daily Luxcore 2.6 Beta, report from Luxcore forum:

In this moment daily builds should again be compatible with Blender 2.92.
We will switch again as soon as the problem with 2.93 is solved.

Cheers, mib


Amazing Work by Dat_Boi with Luxcore :