Magic UV

Old Magic UV topic was deleted when the new BA is released, and there is no schedule to recover the old one. So, I create new topic about Magic UV.

This is a blender add-on Magic UV. (a.k.a. Copy/Paste UV for older version)
Magic UV consists of many UV manipulation features which Blender lacks of.


Magic UV is in Release support level, so it is included on Blender itself. (Contrib support level in Blender version <2.79)
Of course, you can also download older version.

You can all released version from Release Page.

If you want to try newest but unstable version, you can download it from unstable version.


Magic UV have features as follows.

  • Copy/Paste UV
  • Transfer UV
  • Flip/Rotate UV
  • Mirror UV
  • Move UV
  • World Scale UV
  • Preserve UV Aspect
  • Texture Lock
  • Texture Wrap
  • UV Sculpt
  • Unwrap Constraint
  • Texture Projection
  • UVW
  • Align UV
  • Smooth UV
  • Select UV
  • Pack UV (Extension)
  • Align UV Cursor
  • UV Cursor Location
  • UV Bounding Box
  • UV Inspection


See Wiki Page. Or, Tutorial Video.

Bug report / Feature request / Disscussions

If you want to report bug, request features or discuss about this add-on, see This Page.


If you want to contribute to this project, see This Page.


Thxxxx :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Magic UV v6.0 released.

Magic UV now supports all features in Blender 2.8.
You can also use this add-on in Blender 2.7x too.


Thank you for bring it to 2.8. I was missing it a lot : )

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Great news! Thank you so much!

Was wondering if smooth uv would smooth any selection?


thank you for your great work, I use this add on a lot. I just started using Blender 2.8, and had a problem for World Scale UV. I have opened an issue your github, do you mind take a look of it?

thanks a lot

Thanks very much for the add-on. It’s really hard for me to follow your video tutorial on the features. I can’t read the yellow text while at the same time see what you are doing and what’s going on. A voice-over would probably work better.


I’m using the latest version of the Magic UV which happened to be V6.0. I am also using Blender 2.79B… so I am having an issue with using the feature where I am trying to turn the messed circle into a correct circle. Here’s a picture:

As you can see it’s pretty a bit messed up. First, I had to triangulate it and then it should be working but it’s asking where “Center must be identical”. What does it mean?

this circle is not only one. There are other circles including this circle from the picture are a messed up circle. and they are part of a truck/bogie for a train freight car.

I have same problem circle not working correctly and the imjds tools are not working same as they do in Uvtools addon, straight feature on curved only quads mesh produce distorted uv islands :frowning:

Yeah. I’ve left 2 posts to two guys who may know why it happened. So far. There has been no response for a while. To be honest, I am stuck with the issue and I cannot move forward with a project I was working on. I was trying to get it all finished. But you know what happened as I ended up with this issue. :disappointed:

I did some experiments to learn how it work. Here’s the issue:
Look at the picture:

As you can see on the left model (same in UV mapping) are working fine. BUT the right model (also in UV map, it’s selected) is not working with a message:
“It must be triangulated” then
“Center must be Identical”

note: the left mode doesn’t even have been triangulated at all.

this is why I want to speak with the 2 guys who is the creator of Magic UV and UV tools.

EDIT 2: @Nutti

I’ve sent you a Private message. Can you please take a look at. It’s been 3 days (March 17).

Sorry, I could not have much time to check this thread because of my other works.
Please wait until I have enough time to check it.

I will tackle all things disscussed in this thread in next week.
Thanks for using this add-on and reporting issues.

I think it is better way to understand too.
But sorry, I could not speak English very well…

Alright. Thank you for getting back to me. I will await for your solution with this issue. You are doing just fine with speaking English.

hi all :slight_smile:

today i dived into magic UV, hoping it would help solving my case.
Unfortunately it did not :confused:
I love this addon and often use it in the simple copy-paste tools wich are… just perfect !

what i need to do is map all parts of a non planar mesh cut in squares to the same square location of a texture. Just like i explained here : Special unwrapping problem

If anyone have an idea of how to achieve this in an other way than manually, this would just be wonderfull 8-D

For the moment i managed to do it by hand:

  • create a square grid on the XY plane in 3D view
  • extrude it along Z
  • cut my mesh with the grid mesh
  • select all faces of my cut mesh
  • mark all edges seam ( CTRL+E and mark seam )
  • view from top ( NUM7)
  • unwrap from view
  • in UV editor: select all
  • scale and move the whole mesh so that one of the squares match the part of the texture i need
  • select and move by hand each part of the mesh to its proper location ( using UV snapping CTRL key )

It works but is damn long to achieve for large meshes cut with hundreds squares :confused:

any idea is VERY welcome :smiley:

happy blending !

Recently, I tackled to fix the issues everyone reported.
I think this problem comes from the restriction of Magic UV.
But this should be fixed because your cases are often appeared.

I inherited the UV Tools from original author, but I did not understand all of UV Tools feature. So, any comments are welcomed.
At first, I will tackle to fix align UV (Circle).

Thanks for your help, and very sorry for late response.


Fixed align UV (Circle) and other issues.
For now, you can download the fixed version from master branch.

Sooner or later, I will release v6.1 and merge it to Blender’s repository.


Magic UV v6.1 is released now.
This version improves World Scale UV feature and fixes the bugs reported by users.

And, v6.1 is already in Blender.
You can also use this version from next Blender build.



some really great features in here. thank you for all your hard work!

After a fresh system reinstall, am experiencing issues on copy/paste feature

the addon copies the proper face
but dont paste UVs to the selected one…

Did i miss someting i forgot to install ?

i’m on 2.79.6 and all addon versions are broken :frowning: