MARBLE MAYHEM full game available!

As of right now, I’m officially going to start work on the Marble Madness project and putting aside my Metroid project. I would like to apologize to the group of people who were genuinely excited to see what would become of the game (keep in mind I will not forget about that game), and I greatly appreciate everything y’all have done for me, whether that be tips, help, or even saying it looks good. I hope you will continue to support my efforts, though I understand if you don’t.
With that out of the way, I have already started brainstorming and working on this for about 45 minutes.
Here’s the basic info you should know:

  • All new levels.
    None of the levels from the original game will be remade, it’s already been done in Rolling Madness)
  • All of the original enemies will be making a return.
    Steelies, Marble Munchers, Acid Puddles, ect…
  • New enemies will appear.
    Enemies with different abilities from the old ones will be present.
    Levels with callbacks to older game series
  • Different marbles.
    Multiple colors for the player’s Marble instead of just blue or red
    Two to four player versus mode.


I details on the above section-

All new levels, pretty self explanatory new levels are brand new original level designs.
Here’s a concept drawing for the first level

New Enemies, also self explanatory. Enemies I design that function differently from those of the original game.

Retro Levels, this is the part I’m most excited about. Don’t get this confused with the levels from the original Marble Madness, these levels will be full of references to older games (8 bit generation to 16 bit generation). For a better example a Sonic the Hedgehog themed level where the marble is replace with Sonic and the aesthetic would be Green Hill Zone. or Metroid themed level where your marble is the Morph Ball and Metroids can latch onto you and drop you making you dizzy.

Different Marbles, the player will be able to choose from predetermined marble colors, might make it so a player will have to unlock the different colors by completing certain races. I don’t know if I will allow the player to use the Retro Level Marbles, Maybe they could be unshockable variants.

Multi-player, I will try to make the game four player, but most likely it will be two player at max. This would entail a simple race against the other player with no time limit, who ever reaches the goal first will win. I might also make an arena mode if I can get four player mode to work well. All this would be is a sumo wrestling type thing where you try to get the opponents off of the arena. I would like to put power ups in this mode such as a lead weight that makes you heavier, feather that makes it so you don’t crack or get dizzy after falling off an edge, and lives.


This marks the start of the new project Marble Mayhem. Just like before, I will keep a steady stream of updates coming to show progress. Have a wonder full day



*:indicates more details at the bottom of the post.

The first level is almost finished!:

  • The marble has rolling physics, movement controls.
  • Multiple cameras rigged to prevent crashing the game*.
  • Music is put in.

What’s left?:

  • Main menu and pause menu.
  • Stop watch and lives.
  • Timer and score.
  • Four more normal levels and up to five retro inspired levels**.
  • Two player race mode.
  • Enemies.
  • Sound effects.
  • More marble colors
  • Any logic required for what’s mentioned previously.

Screen Shots:
I only had time to get one rushed screen shot in Blender (lost track of time). So one is in blender, the others are rendered with’s browser service. Sorry about that, but I will get better shots for the next update.


Concept art of the next level:

*When a camera is parented to an object and that object is “ended,” the camera is also ended. This causes Blender to not know what to display on the screen which makes the game crash. The solution was to have a second camera in the scene to become active a moment before the player dies. I accomplished this by using two planes, one above the other, that cause to different things to happen. The top plane changes the active camera to the “death cam” upon collision with the player’s marble. After that, the marble hits the next plane, the “Blast Zone” (like the ones in Smash Bros), which ends the object and tells an empty to add a new marble and camera. When the new marble hits the level’s floor, the new camera is made active.

** Retro Levels!: I have spent a some time thinking about the themed levels. As of right now I have plans on making a Tetris level, Metroid level, Sonic level, Kirby level, and Donkey Kong (arcade) level.

Tetris Level: The way this level will work is pretty simple. The player will navigate an upward slopes from which at the top, empty objects will randomly drop the iconic shapes down on to the player’s marble. It’s up to the player to dodge the falling pieces and get to the goal!
Metroid Level: Roll around a level themed after Tourian. The marble will be based on the Morph Ball ability, and will have be allowed to use the Boost Ball power up. The main obstacle(s) of the level will be Metroid which will pick the player up and drop them, the marble normally won’t crack from this but it will get dizzy.
Sonic Level: Roll around at the speed of sound, because you’ve got places, and you gotta follow your rainbow! This level will be themed around Green Hill Zone and give the player a marble that resembles a curled up Sonic. This marble will be able to Spin Dash (essentially the same as Boost Ball) and jump. There will be rings scattered around that add onto your final score. Obstacles will include the robot piranhas, robot crabs, and robot bees. But that’s not all, I plan on having a final obstacle, Doctor Eggman.
Kirby Level: Race around a colorful track as a Kirby themed marble, against a bigger marble representing King DeDeDe. Time won’t be the only deciding factor to win, because this won’t be just any race it will be Gourmet Race!. Collect as much food as possible as quickly as possible to beat the King! The players marble will be able to use multiple low jumps and not take fall damage (your marble wont shatter from a fall). Obstacles that will make an appearance include: Gordo, Waddle Dee, and Hot Heads.
Donkey Kong: In this timed level you play as a marble that navigates iron girders, and you be required to jump over the incoming barrels to reach the top. Barrels will break when they hit you but you will become dizzy by hitting them. The goal is at the top just like in the original arcade cabinet.

Side note: Sorry about the double post I accidentally posted in the wrong topic the first time.:no_mouth:

Marble Madness.blend (2.8 MB)

  1. Open the file in Blender (2.75b - 2.79b).
  2. Press ‘p’ to start the game.
  3. Click “1 Player”
  4. The first and only complete level should start playing. Use WASD to navigate your slippery marble through the Beginner race.

Physics of the marble are supposed to be difficult to control, but I might tone it down a bit in the future. There will also be fall damage in later versions.

:crystal_ball:Time for an update! :grin: :crystal_ball:

. The download file will be at the end of this post.
Let’s get the big stuff out of the way first.

  • LEVEL 2 is practically DONE!
    The only parts I need to finish on it are: black stripes are missing on some of the walls, some minor optimization (remove any unnecessary vertices), one slope right before the goal (can screw you over, and being at the end of the course it’s pretty annoying when it does), and the “dizzy” effect lasts a tad too long (will change from 1 1/2 sec to 1 sec).

  • There are HAZARDS and other INTERACTIVE OBJECTS!
    There are currently two hazards: spikes, and Ball Boppers. Spikes are on a cycle that triggers at a constant rate (they do not come out because you’re near it), if you get hit it’s an instant kill. Ball Boppers act in a similar fashion to the spikes. They rise at the same rate as spikes as well as out of the ground, but getting hit by these make your marble “dizzy” for a brief moment. If your are caught by a Ball Bopper when it comes up you will be sent flying like a bouncy ball.
    The other interactive object isn’t hazardous, it’s a speed boost panel. There aren’t many in this level because the third one will have a lot of momentum based obstacles that incorporate the boosts better.


Sorry about the last post I realize I for got to put any of the screen shots in it :sweat_smile:. So to make up for it I’m gonna post them here.

Level One

Level Two

As promised, here is the most up to date file: Marble Mayhem.blend (2.8 MB).

  1. Open the file and press “p” to start the game.
  2. Click on PLAYER 1 (this might take a little bit to start)
  3. When the Beginner level starts up, you can control the marble with WASD.

If your interested in the music that was used, just ask. Enjoy!


Looking good…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

:crystal_ball:Time for the news!:crystal_ball:

Level 3 (“Getting Hotter”) is almost done!
It’s almost time too hit the boost panels, ride some rails, and take some risky jumps in the nearly finished stage "Getting Hotter" (name not final). This level has multiple steep slopes that will require you to use momentum to clear, boosts that can be used to clear large and small gaps, and some more time than the previous levels.
All that’s left to do in this level is:

  1. Add something to gauge where you are in the last stretch.
  2. Add in some music and sound effects, (thinking about using a remix of Sonic’s Scrap Brain Zone theme).
  3. Set up logic for the finish line.
  4. Fix a steep ramp that doesn’t work properly.
  5. Add in some aesthetics.
  6. Have a few of my friends play test it.

Here’s some screenshots of the level now:

I personally think that the red/ maroon/ green colors are very good here, but then again I stared at this putrid color scheme for a while and that’s probably why:rofl:

See what I mean by putrid. lol

Main Menu Changes
The main menu I had was looking pretty bland, boring, and just plain out bad, so I decided to spruce it up a little bit :paintbrush:. On the Main Menu, you can now see a marble rolling down a metal rail! It’s not much but it does so much to help it look decent. I’ve also made it so when you mouse over the Player 1 button, the button will get bigger.

Here’s a screen shot of the Main Menu before today:

Here’s a screen shot of the Main Menu now:

Thank you to anyone reading the updates, it’s a strong reason as to why I’m still working on it. Being able to watch as the view count goes up is really special, it lets me know that there are people who find what I’m doing interesting. I’m open to conversation whether that’d be critique, questions, or anything else you want to say to me regardless if you download my game file or not. :smile:

Again thank you all, and to the level will be released by the end of this week.

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I did a similar thing but turned it into a video by using a screen recorder with BGE.

Here it is.

But I didn’t have time to get new screen shots of the new aesthetic changes and additions so I’ve decided to wait to post the file until June 3rd (next Monday). Sorry for the delay, I realize that I said the file should be expected to be available by today. However, I believe more people will have an interest in downloading and trying the game if the download were accompanied by the screen shots. On another note, I had one of my friends try the level. Even with the extra time on the clock, both of us have seen the game over screen multiple times. We can’t speak for everyone but we both think this is the toughest level in the game thus far, and I think it’s also the most interesting one to look at. (IMO) The music doesn’t loop too good, but it only restarts once and it I feel that it fits the theme of the stage almost perfectly. As always, thank you for the support, patience, and I hope you aren’t annoyed by my decision.
For anyone interested, Demo v1.2 download will roll out next week on June 3. BUT if you DM/ PM me to request a copy of the file, I will be more than happy to oblige.:slightly_smiling_face:
(gets banned for bad pun :laughing:)

I think its better if the tunnel is in orange colour

@TS_Azri, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by tunnel. I labeled a picture with some numbers next to what I think you mean. Can you tell me which one(s) you’re talking about? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:.

Number 1,2 and 3

number 4 should be yellow.

Okay, thank you! I’ll be sure to change the green to a shade of orange. It might become more of a red-orange because there’s a chemical layer under everything that’s also orange. the chemical is somewhat reminiscent of Orange Ocean from the Kirby’s Adventure remake, Kirby’s Nightmare in Dream Land.

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Number four isn’t actually visible during run time. It’s an invisible barrier that assists with keeping the marble on the track, because there were several times I tested without it and the rails would have been frustrating for the wrong reason. this goes the same for these ones too.

Why I’m asking you to make some colour change

Since your level name is Getting Hotter,You must use that 3 colour variation because I’m also a student,but now is school holidays.During the art class,I learn that colour variation gives a big effects to a scene.It also will generates other people imagination.For an example,dark colour will gives you a horror feeling.Red,oranges and yellow for a hot situation.Blue and white for cool places

I’ll change it :slightly_smiling_face:, after all I’m actually glad you’re bringing up some critiques. I think I understand the effects of the scene that you speak of though. Is it because the green is a relatively cooler color which contradicts the levels suggested theme of warmer colors?

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If I post a few screen shots on Monday (one with orange tubes, one with red-orange tubes, and one with green tubes), would you choose which one I should use? I would be posting it between 1:00 P.M. and 1:50 P.M. Eastern Time and a response would be appreciated before 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time (when school lets out).

What is your time now?Now in Malaysia is 8:45 PM

now right for me it’s 8:45 A.M. Never mind about that then, I don’t think it would be necessary for you to tell me at two in the morning :sweat_smile:.

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When you will add this thing?:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: