Maritime Downloads - Sailing Ships and Coastal - Section 2

Bude (4.0 MB)
schooner ijkl

schooner and harbour (4.6 MB)

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Lands End Cornwall
35a01Lands (3.7 MB)

As windows 10 is not the easiest system for me to work with , also the changed srtm2 script appears to make it not useable for what I make I think time to stop making new routes. About quarter of coastal UK made, Solway Firth around to the tip of Cornwall, all downloadable and all under about 5 meg.

From now on I will simply work with what is already made, about 40 routes and perhaps making version 2, 3 etc. out of selected routes. Any new different version routes I think I will just make using preset routes and maybe static floating.

Falmouth so another step to the Thames Estuary.
schooner ijkl
Grey-scale map worked out quite (4.2 MB)

Basic Falmouth version 1

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So will now consider version 2 of selected routes starting from the Solway Firth. Routes will probably include areas of coast that have no docks or harbours. Also I have to use greyscale to create terrain mesh. If I manage to reach the Thames Estuary the sailing barges have very wide hulls, low in the water and entirely different to the sailing flats. Whether I will make one I will have to consider.

I removed the Silloth propellor drive steamship route as not working out correctly for some of the features. So it is now all about trying to reach the Thames along the coast and making version 2 of as many of the routes currently available for download. Ships will be sailing-flats, sloops, two masted shooners, very early paddle steamers, eventually maybe 3 mast brigantines and sailing-barges which were popular on the river Thames. Routes I hope will include a variety of drivable or preset routes, floating static, also interactive scenarios
All help of course welcome, but the size of each route must not exceed 5 megabytes including textures (so critique is out). Thanks Barry

P.S PLease lt me know if any of the routes have been run on low end computers, tablets, etc. You need to install initially Blender version 2.79b which has the embedded game engine, from the Blender archives.You do not need to know how to use Blender , but required to open the blend, file which is the route.

Solway Firth 01ver2 (4.9 MB)
Details are enclosed in the readme in zip.

preset route and drivable sailing-flat
key1 operates preset route.It will be slow to start.
ijkl for drivable flat.

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Annan Harbour
key 1 sets the 2 vessels in motion and they cross mid-channel.
key 2 starts the distant schooner heading towards Annan pier.
small sloop drivable wasd
Also refer to readme in the zip file. (2.7 MB)

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03ver02 Silloth (4.9 MB)
key 1 opens dock gates.
one drivable paddle-steamer zxcv
Rescue crewman from half sumberged sailing-flat.
Only the sailing-flat in inner harbour can rescue hime tfgh


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I have replaced the texture on the flour warehouse and made it smaller. Real life it shows at about 5 stories high. However as regards these docks as they were built at different dates I am including the full docks, even if outside there era of up to 1815 approx. Also the previous texture on it was too wishy-washy.

I might have another try at the steamships. A possible answer might be to set the collison box so the rotating propellor is outside the collision box, perhaps where I went wrong as the upper capatains bridge glass in window stayed in place.

I have uploaded an amended version of Silloth version 2 with the flour warehouse half size and improved texture. (4.4 MB)

Open dock gates key 1
Drivable sailing flat to rescue crewman tfgh. inner dock in left corner.
Drivable paddle-steamer, one out of the moored paddle- steamers zxcv.

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As these routes are dependant on what I make, they won’t be churned out as frequently as before. B


Steam-ship era.

So Sollway Firth and Silloth is the first route version 1. (4.1 MB)
key 1 opens gates and starts steamship from inner to outer dock
key 2 starts distant steam-ship to its destination in the outer dock.

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I will complete the Maryport route with just a few preset vessels coastal steamers. etc. Perhaps will upload Maryport today or in a few days. (4.9 MB)

key 1 opened 2 sets of dock gates and starts the steamer travelling out of dock one into dock 2, about 1500 seconds.

Next will be Workington area with the 3 seperate harbours. I have removed the schooners etc from the sailing ship version and will add steamships and probably include some early paddle steamers.
The era possibly pretend about 1850 to 1950 to include the diesel barges maybe. Some docks will overlap and the previous Liverpool docks c1800 will be too small. Preston docks will need making, posibly largest single dock in the world?. Thats the outline and update, etc.