Maritime World of Blender Part 2

(barrymaritime) #101

Mersey route with schooner uploaded. B

(barrymaritime) #102

As making/updating these routes is too complex to try and keep to any rule or time frame best plan is for you to check my site from time to time. I am currently in the process of uploading 10 of my routes but it will take an hour or so. Possibly rotating 8 or so is the best method.


(Fred/K.S) #103

great progress buddy!


(barrymaritime) #104

20 remade at about 35 km with seabed replaced at 4 vertices which saves about 100,000 vertices on some. About another dozen should get me back to Lands end from Solway Firth. B

(barrymaritime) #105

I will update the next post as removed this post as details no longer valid. Altering the site details as below

(barrymaritime) #106

No longer practical rotating routes etc, so decided the leave available for download one route, solway, adapted now for preset ship lanes. No drivable, no cargoe collecting and no dock gate animations


(barrymaritime) #107

I have decided I will pick and choose at random from the 37 routes form Solway Firth to Lands End as seems a pity to select a few and ignore the rest. So it will depend which route I am updating.
I have removed th Isle of Man route completely and probably replace it with 1825-1835 Liverpool route. About 3 miles of docks.

Also trying to add the schooner to some of the routes.
Many updates might be small and not even noticeable but to keep the routes up to date will zip the updated route, however small the alterations, upload it, and remove the previous route. Probably date it also.

I abandoned the idea of collecting cargoes and operating dock gates as a waste of time. Only animations, if any, will be preset ship movements.

So in future routes will be updated at random and also the amount online for download might vary from say 1 to 10 maybe. So nothing written in stone .


(barrymaritime) #108

I was trying out the schooner in the early 19th century Liverpool docks c1830. I don’ think the drivable mode I am using will be suitable for any realism in Blender at present time.

What does seem to work well is the preset routes using the timeline. These can be made to stop and start at quays by moving the timeline on but not the ship.

I will forget the drivable mode in all the routes and try and build up the preset routes in 37 routes. Solway to the Lizard. I will remove the drivable from all routes as too time consuming juggling with the settings as used it for several years.

P.S. I have removed the routes that were online and will be uploading others as explained, but still a section of the coast from Solway Firth to Lands End in 37 routes. I have updated my site with similar details.


(barrymaritime) #109

Annan route is online with 2 preset ship tracks.

Thanks Barry

(barrymaritime) #110

What I am now interested in is regarding the ships similar to a model railway idea again.

Using the timeline to set the tracks and started with the solway route with the schooner and sailing flat. I don’t think it is possible for Blender to create any realism for the drivable boat scene so won’t be using that idea again. If I could get about half a dozen to a dozen ships busy on the shipping lanes it could make an interesting scene.

Scene shows the schooner heading along the river Annan to the piers were passengers used to embarque onto the larger ships.

You can still just about see traces on the internet maps.
There is still a spare boat at the quayside so might try a double journey with that. Down to the jetties, pause for 5 minutes then start on the way back to the stone quay.



(barrymaritime) #111

Rockcliffe and the river Eden although it was too rocky for ships to moor the flat bottomed sailing barges barges might have travelled along it so put a small jetty there. That will make 4 ship lanes on the Solway route. This ship lane takes over an hour to run.

One of the barges makes a double jouney with a pause of a few minutes…Annan quay to wood jetties and back.


(barrymaritime) #112

The four preset ship lanes now in The solway route. The longest time is about 4400 seconds for Rockcliffe and the river Eden, so over an hour but the other 3 are shorter. Might upload route later. Incidentally no change on the default vert. sync. at 60. No problems with the timeline which works OK.


(barrymaritime) #113

Route uploaded. B

(barrymaritime) #114

I will leave the Solway route online for a while as it seems a reasonable route with 4 vessels with preset lanes and some scenery.

I have now uploaded the Mersey route of the early 19th century. It show the layout of approx. one and half miles of docks. I have decided I won’t be using the 1830s version at about 3 miles of docks as it would probabay need 100s of hours of work, although the docks themselves are made…but no dock gates etc.

On the far shore of the river Mersey I have removed the drivable function from about 4 of the sailing flats as explained earlier. These will eventually be used in preset ship lanes together with the schooner/s.

There is one preset sailingflat on the far shore. Key 1 will start it on its travels across the Mersey and it will thread its way though part of the docks.

I will probably be updating the routes gradually.

Whether I make more available for download depends on a few factors.


(barrymaritime) #115

With the sailing flats and barges about 155,000 vertiices.
If I dissolve the part out of site with camera say set to 10,000 m view. It would save about 30,000 vertices. This in turn would give me some leeway to maybe add the Ellesemere Port barge docks upriver and include schooners as well as the sailing flats (barge with sail). Discussion? as I have no idea and guessing as I go along. Image shows area faces dissolved in edit mode.


(barrymaritime) #116

Dissolve seems to work a least in fairly flat areas and only one section selected. Limited dissolve only works on small areas and maybe not work if anything changes. So about 155,000 down to 125,000. I also removed the seabed except for margin around edges and replaced with 4 vertice seabed which saved about 13,000

(Daedalus_MDW) #117

i find Decimate (collapse) modifier to be far superior to reduce verts on landscapes. but it can ages compute. be sure to check “triangulate”.

(barrymaritime) #118

Thanks ‘Daedalus’ that might be worth trying.
set to triangulate . I will get there yet…in about 100 years (smile).

(barrymaritime) #119

Had to look up how to use it but seems o work OK after moving the sllder down from 1 and use collapse and triangular mesh. Tried it over a whole terrain mesh at 0.7. Might be a good option. I will add it to the memo on my site to remind me. i changed to traingulate first control plus T, and then decimate. Only took a few seconds. B

(barrymaritime) #120

Re-uploaded solway route as using the decimate idea, reduced from 140,000 vertices to 106,000. Next will look at the Isle of Man again and reduce the terain substantially followed by the Liverpool 1800 route. Get the terrain back instead of dissolving chunks. B