Maritime World of Blender Part 2

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I have put some details back onto my site.
At present just the index page available at present.
When I sort the tidal rise out and make some more content I will probably start making some basid tidal routes available for download. Might make half a tidal rise of 3 hours as fastest rate of rise then. No need to spend 3 hours. Maybe half an hour to an hour of 3 hours. B.

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Started the new routes idea and basic solway online just with drivable boat, quay and 2 hour tidal rise of 2 and quarter metres. I might make the tidal rise over 3 hours of up to 4 and half meters.

Of course you could just explore for half an hour or so. It needs realism and hour number 4 out of 6 will have the fastest rate for the tidal rise. Refer to my site for further details.

Future routes if available will be 15 to 20km including mainly a single harbour or 2 at most following around the coastline but centred on the harbour only plus the tidal rise.

Link to site at side of posts


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Making endless harbours I think is also a no go project on hese forums. B
So back to original idea 50km routes, These will start form Isle of Man over to Solway Firth then down around the coastline.

I will give further deails when I start his system off. Also ‘critique’ definitely NOT applicable. All routes will start from BASIC… terrain and texture, sea made, single drivable floating sailing-flat, water sheet possible animated to rise and fall a meter to simulate wave swell. Probably nothing else to begin with. Eventually some will have small updates. I B

Daedalus I posted on your Google Drive thread.

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The Isle of Man BASIC route is online. I will have up to 5 online maximum in rotation INCLUDING
If any parts not working post details. Discussion is helpful !

NO 'critique required.
Downloads might be cancelled at some tme.

01 Isle of Man - basic
02 Solway Firth 47km mainly Annan and scenario collect cargo.
03 Lake District - basic
04 Morecambe Bay - basic
Routes rotated after no 5.
Updated 19 Oct 2018
Any further downloads made available for download are now being rotated with max. of 5 on line at any one time.

At the same that finishes my posts on these forums…except of course in reply to relevant discussion or to answer relevant queries !!

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Maritime Routes

Rather than juggling routes if you want a route to be made downloadable see below.

If you would like me to make downloadable a route please mention on the current thread.
When/if it reaches five downloadable routes I will then start to remove one…to be replaced with your chosenf route to download.
Nearly all of the routes will start as basic and based on srtm2 satellite data. The routes will probably be the larger size of 40 to 50km approx.

They will follow around the UK coastline from the Solway Firth. This method will save me a lot of time wasted in checking and zipping up routes etc ready to upload.


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check this out - I was able to fake pretty realistic water using the same mesh as my terrain

the shallows are faked :smiley:

I use the vertex color

if it’s blue channel is over .5 -> I mix in the water / vertex color + cos driven perlin/musgrave noise
(we can use the musgrave node from cycles in the GLSL node editor)

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Thanks for your post. My problem is I only know how to use Blender in a very ‘basic’ way. over 15 years using it I think. My age now is also limiting factor, so most of the technicalities are beyond me.

Regrding sea I just use natural texures from photos Liverpool dock water , or canal water even and adjust it with the Gimp. The route size is now 40 to 50 km and animated water rise and fall sheet covers the lot at 4 vertices or can be made tidal with the timeline.

With actual waves the very few professional ship simulators that still remain I think move the waves with the ship which merges into still photo tetxure water in the distance.