Materials are either all white or black in eevee? How do I fix?

I’m really not sure why this is happening or how I can fix this…
All the materials and textures are set up properly, there’s no obscene light anywhere…
Anyone got an idea?
Latest version of Blender.

That looks to me like it’s trying to calculate shaders. Check your status bar, see if it says so there. If you can see it in solid mode but the render mode goes white, I’d put money on that being the issue. What GPU / system spec do you have?

How about world strength, CM exposure, or film exposure?

All are within acceptable ranges.

The bar is complete, the shaders are compiled, but it seems to have goofed. Yeah, the material textures will show up in solid view.

GTX 980ti, i7 5820k, 16GB DDR4

I found the solution here…

“I tried reopening the file multiple times without luck, but what did fix it was opening a different file. I spent a moment panning around that scene, switched render views, then re-opened the file with the issue.”
~ mdcrtv

So it seems to be a bug with Blender… something broke when the shaders were initially compiling and messing around in a new scene seems to clear whatever the issue was up.


Load up the broken scene and save out as a new file. Delete everything in it and add a suzanne or something. Purge out anything unused (materials, textures etc). If still broken, attach file here so we could have a look at it. Possibly submit it in a bug report.

I have had project files where camera views are broken, but I can’t explain what got them into that state. Devs were quickly able to identify what was going on and I believe that particular bug was fixed. Yours kinda smell similar.

I noticed the same thing in two different files (today and a few weeks earlier). I discovered that I could update it to render correctly when toggling the visibility of some of the objects, in this case being the camera collection for some reason. I don’t completely get why it happens and doing such a thing fixes it.



Note: I am on Blender 2.81, Windows 10, with a graphics card GTX 1060 6GB

Could it be a GPU driver issue? Or is it only on a given build? I have 2.80, 2.81 & 2.82 on my system. Maybe throw them on and see if it’s the same across each build?

Well, whatever it is, it very clearly needs to be a bug report.

I did an extra bit of testing to see what the issue was. It seems to be related to particle systems. Back in my example, I toggled the visibility of the Camera collection, which also contained the particle system for the scattered rocks on the ground. Before that, I also had the same black and white issue with a scene that used grass in a particle system.
Toggling the visiblity of the object with the particle system fixes it for me.

I have created a bug report.